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United Nations iLibrary is the comprehensive global search, discovery and dissemination platform for digital content created by the United Nations. It provides librarians, information specialists, scholars and policy makers with a single digital destination for accessing publications, journals, data and series published by the United Nations Secretariat and its funds and programs. In the future the platform will also provide access to other resources such as working papers, and statistical databases.

Content is organized by series title, publication year and alphabetically; and discovery of complete publications or even their components - chapters and articles - is a click away. The content is accessible in different formats - PDF and READ - to meet users' needs, whether for reading on a mobile device, sharing with peers via social network or integrating content into a report.

As of March 2019, the UN iLibrary contains 6,570 publications, 91,480 chapters, 338 series and 2 databases. The publications appear in all official languages of the United Nations: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic as well as bilingual and trilingual publications. Every year around 500 new titles are planned to be added to the collection. Approximately 70% of which are in English and they will cover the following topics:
Current Content UN iLibrary Agencies, Series, Periodicals and Data Available
UN iLibrary Features
  • Content can be viewed by language, year and title index
  • Granlar content - users can search and click directly to components such as chapters or articles. Every content level has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and static URL
  • Integrated search results, PDF and READ version
  • A citation tool for all content, integrating with popular bibliographic management systems
  • Content in context - related content is one click away
  • Links to previous editions with the option to download any full text item such as chapters from the table of contents
  • Users can navigate back and forth via hierarchical "breadcrumb trails"
  • Bibliographic records in MARC21 XML format
  • COUNTER4 compliant usage statistics
  • RSS Feeds
  • Users can read and share the READ version of content on all internet connected desktop and mobile devices
  • Athens/Shibboleth federated authentication for US and UK institutions
  • All United Nations iLibrary metadata and fully text indexed by the four major Discovery Services by mid-2016: EBSCO, EDS, EX Libris Primo, ProQuest Summon, OCLC WorldCat (Metadata only)
  • Perpetual access to subscribed content
  • Free inclusion of content in course packs without the need to request further permission
  • Access via Proxy server available
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What's New on UN iLibrary
World Youth Report
Youth and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The World Youth Report: Youth and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a biennial flagship report prepared by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, examines the mutually supportive roles of the new agenda and youth development efforts. more ...

Emerging Solutions for Gender Equality 2018

The HeForShe Champions initiative confronts the gender inequalities faced in three key pillars of society: government, work and academia. more ...

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2018

This report, which comprises three booklets, provides a comprehensive analysis of the crime of trafficking in persons and how different countries are responding to this crisis. more ...

United Nations Demographic Yearbook 2017, Sixty-eighth Issue

Demographic Yearbook 2017 is the sixty-eighth edition in a series published since 1948. Through the cooperation with the National Statistical Offices, official demographic statistics are compiled in the Yearbook, as available, for more than 230 countries and areas of the world up to the reference year 2016. more ...

The State of Food and Agriculture 2018
Migration, Agriculture and Rural Development

Migration is an expanding global reality, one that allows millions of people to seek new opportunities. But it also involves challenges for migrants and for societies, both in areas of origin and of destination. more ...

Trade and Development Report 2018
Power, Platforms and the Free Trade Delusion

This flagship publication examines different aspects of the nature and role of international trade in the era of hyperglobalization and considers related policy challenges that will need to be addressed if trade is to contribute to a more stable and inclusive global economic order. more ...

An Unfair Start
Inequality in Children's Education in Rich Countries

This report focuses on educational inequalities in 41 of the world's richest countries, all of which are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and/or the European Union (EU). more ...

Emissions Gap Report 2018

This 9th edition of the UN Environment Emissions Gap Report assesses the latest scientific studies on current and estimated future greenhouse gas emissions and compares these with the emission levels permissible for the world to progress on a least-cost pathway to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. more ...