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About iLibrary
The OECD iLibrary is the research repository gathering all OECD books, papers, databases and data tables into a single platform. The iLibrary is made available on an annual subscription basis. Institution subscribers can make it available to users within their specific IP range and/or username/password. Renouf's subscription period runs on the calendar year, January-December and institutions purchasing a product during the year are charged on a pro-rated basis.

Institutions can choose between online access only or online + archive, under which they receive online access as well as one copy of each new print publication (or CD ROM in the case of statistical databases) that are released during the subscription period. Institutions can choose to subscribe to the entire iLibrary, to everything within a Theme, or individual periodicals, statistical annuals or databases.

Renouf has been an authorized OECD distributor for over 40 years and our customer-service representatives can assist you in choosing the iLibrary product that will best suit your needs. The OECD offers very flexible pricing plans for its three main iLibrary subscription packages, iLibrary Books, Papers and Statistics, iLibrary Books and Papers and iLibrary Statistics so the prices listed on Renouf's web site only represent the suggested retail price. Renouf operates its own consortia and is in a position to offer new iLibrary subscribers a 30% to 80% discount off of the list price. The price is based on the size and expected usage by each institution. Please contact Renouf serials department if you would like a quote or if you would like us to set up your institution for a free 30-day trial period to any of the OECD products listed on the web site.
OECD iLibrary Terms and Conditions
  1. Grant of Access and Usage The subscription fee grants the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and display on its secure internal network, for use by Authorised Users only.
  2. Ownership of Material Title and ownership of the Work remains the OECD's. Any copies made should clearly state this, together with the requisite copyright notice.
  3. Copy Restrictions Authorised Users can copy, download or print content for their own use and can include excerpts from OECD publications, databases and multimedia products in their own documents, presentations, blogs, websites and teaching materials, provided that suitable acknowledgement of OECD as source and copyright owner is given.
  4. Termination Upon termination, the Customer may continue to have use of the Work which is available in PDF format, including the back catalogue, for which the full Subscription fee has been received.