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OECD iLibrary Themes - Trade
The subscription includes online access to all titles published since 1998, as well as to all historical series available for each database.

OECD work on trade seeks to make sense of how the global trade system can help contribute to better lives, by identifying the full range of policy measures, domestic as well as international, that ensures the resilience of global markets and global supply chains facilitating international co-operation. It includes access to Quarterly International Trade Statistics and its related database, International Trade by Commodity and its related online database, International Trade in Services and its related online database, OECD Statistics on Trade in Value Added, as well as to a number of analytical reports on trade done by OECD each year. The OECD produces around 40 new books and papers each year.
  • 390 + ebooks
  • 6,030 + chapters
  • 360 + papers
  • 75,700 + tables and graphs
Databases: (International Trade by Commodity Statistics; Monthly Statistics of International Trade; OECD Statistics on International Trade in Services; OECD Quarterly International Trade Statistics; OECD-WTO Statistics on Trade in Value-Added).
2023 Online Only
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