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IMF eLibrary Periodicals and Reports
The IMF e-Library Periodicals and Reports package provides the user to online access to the organization`s periodicals; World Economic Outlook, Global Financial Stability Report, Fiscal Monitor, Research Bulletin, IMF Survey, IMF Staff Papers (up to 2003), Regional Economic Outlook reports, Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions along with a full picture of IMF activities; the Annual Report of the Executive Board, Finance & Development magazine, Independent Evaluation Office reports, Articles of Agreement and By-Laws, and Summary Proceedings.

World Economic Outlook: WEO presents the staff's analysis of prospects for the global economy, major country groups (classified by region and stage of development), and many individual countries. Each issue reports on developments in global financial markets, economic governance, and critical policy issues. WEO tracks key indicators such as output growth, inflation, employment, government debt, current account balances, savings, and financial flows. Published twice a year as documentation for meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee, it has become a highly trusted resource for decisions makers worldwide.

Global Financial Stability Report: GESR provides expert and up-to-date analysis of global capital flows that play a critical role in world economic growth and financial stability. The Report focuses on current conditions in global financial markets, analyzing financial imbalances and structural issues that could pose risks to stability and sustained market access by emerging market borrowers.

Fiscal Monitor: With increasing fiscal challenges in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, multilateral surveillance of fiscal developments, a key part of the IMF's surveillance responsibilities, has gained further importance. In response, the Fiscal Monitor was launched in 2009 to analyze the latest public finance developments and medium-term fiscal projections, and to assess policies aimed at placing public finances on a sustainable footing.

Regional Economic Outlooks: The Regional Economic Outlooks are the premier source for understanding the latest economic developments in countries around the world. Some reports and updates are scheduled for release every six months, with individual editions covering Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East and Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Western Hemisphere. Each Report focuses on recent policy developments that have affected economic performance, and identifies the key challenges faced by policy-makers in individual countries. Expert analysis of the latest country-specific data gathered by the IMF allows these Reports to provide accurate near-term outlooks and to explore in-depth the risks a region's economics will face.

Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions (AREAER): This unique database is updated yearly based mostly on information from country authorities. The database also provides information on different types of capital controls used by countries, restrictions on current international payments and transfers, arrangements for payments and receipts, procedures for resident and non-resident accounts, exchange rate arrangements, and the operation of foreign exchange markets. It also includes measures implemented in the financial sector, including prudential measures.

IMF Activities: These reports provide a full picture of the IMF activities and include; the Annual Report of the Executive Board, Articles of Agreement of the IMF, By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations, Selected Decisions and selected Documents of the IMF, and Summary Proceedings.

Finance and Development Magazine: This quarterly publication provides the latest thinking about the international financial system, monetary policy, economic development, poverty reduction, and other critical issues. Articles are written for lay readers who want to enrich their understanding of the workings of the global economy, and the polices and activities of the IMF.

IMF Research Bulletin: This quarterly bulletin, selectively summarizes research and analytical work done by various departments of the IMF, and also provides a listing of research documents and other research-related activities, including conferences and seminars. The Bulletin is intended to serve as a summary guide to research done at the IMF on various topics, and to provide a better perspective on the analytical underpinnings of the IMF's operational work.