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The IMF publishes a range of time series data and they are contained in four statistical databases; International Financial Statistics (IFS), Balance of Payment Statistics (BOP), Direction of Trade Statistics (DOT) and Government Finance Statistics (GFS). The new statistical data interface allows users to search all subscribed databases from a single starting point, without having to know which database has a desired concept. IMF subscribers to the eLibrary Statistics package also have PDF access to the print versions of statistical yearbooks and monthly and quarterly updates.
Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) Database
Common wisdom holds that as countries become more integrated, they are increasinly influenced by other economies. The DOTS database provides statistics on the value of each country's merchandise exports and those of its primary trading partners.

The database includes:
  • total bilateral and multilateral exports and imports aggregated at the national or regional group level
  • data from 1960 at monthly and quarterly frequencies, and from 1948 for annual data
Reporting data are supplemented by estimates whenever such data are not available or current. Imports are reported on a cost, insurance, freight (c.i.f.) basis and exports are reported on a free on board (f.o.b.) basis, with the exception of a few countries for which imports are also available free on board (f.o.b.).

Time series data include estimates derived from reports of partner countries for non-reporting and slow reporting countries.

Link to Sample Reports for Direction of Trade Statistics Database

Link to International Financial Statistics (IFS) Database
Link to Balance of Payments (BOPS) Database
Link to Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Database