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IMF eLibrary Books and Analytical Reports
The IMF eLibrary Books and Analytical package provides the user with online access to the IMF`s books, occasional papers, seminar volumes, departmental papers, country reports, glossaries, special issues, technical notes and manuals, pamphlets, staff discussion notes and working papers.

Books: IMF economists work closely with member countries on a variety of issues. Their unique perspective on country experiences and best practices on global macroeconomic issues are often shared in the form of books on diverse topics such as cross-country comparisons, capacity building, macroeconomic policy, financial integration, and globalization.

IMF Staff Country Reports: In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after discussions with government officials, is published at the option of the member country. The report may contain several sections such as: Article IV Report, Selected Issues Papers, Financial Sector Stability Assessments, Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes, among others.

IMF Working Papers: The IMF Working Papers series is designed to make IMF staff research available to a wide audience. About 240 papers are released each year, covering a wide range of theoretical and analytical topics, including balance of payments, monetary and fiscal issues, global liquidity, and national and international economic developments.

Staff Discussion Notes (January 2011 to date): These papers showcase new policy-related analysis and research by IMF departments and are published to elicit comment and to further debate. They are generally brief and written in a non-technical language aimed at a broad audience interested in economic policy issues. This series changed name form Staff Position Notes at the end of 2010, and replaced Policy Discussion Papers at the end of 2008.

IMF Occasional Papers: This series features in-depth analysis by IMF staff on issues central to the Fund's work on surveillance, financial assistance, and technical assistance. The papers are intended to provide a wide audience with access to current IMF economic and financial research, as well as covering topics that are relevant to the Fund's ongoing activities.

Pamphlets: The Pamphlet Series provides the readers with an understanding on how the IMF operates.

Seminar Volumes: These publications include the papers presented at various IMF seminars along with editorial summaries.

Manuals and Guides: This series contains practical "how-to" information for economists and includes topics such as tax policy, balance of payments statistics, external debt statistics, foreign exchange reserve management, and financial sector assessment. Most publications in this series are available in languages other than English.

IMF Survey: With its keen focus on the IMF's work and top macroeconomic and international financial issues, the IMF Survey provides analysis of country, regional, and global developments; insights into Fund operations, policies, reforms, and technical assistance; world class research findings; key data that is frequently not available elsewhere; and reports on economic and financial debates inside and outside the Fund.