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Standing Orders
Renouf offers a range of options designed to suit your needs. We offer the following standing order options:
Your Standing Order Plan Advantage:
Consolidated Shipping Options: Renouf offers flexible consolidated shipping arrangements where-by your orders can be sent on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This can result in significant savings as most publishers release publications one title at a time. If required, we can also provide a separate invoice for each publisher or ship to multiple locations within your library.

Invoices Included With Every Shipment: We will provide you with a detailed invoice in every shipment ensuring you don't have to track down publications weeks or months later.

Co-publications can be included in the Comprehensive Standing Order Plan: In some cases the organization may elect to co-publish a title and if you request a complete collection, we will obtain the publication from the co-publisher. Under this arrangement we eliminate you having to search for missing titles.

E-mail Notification of Irregular Publications Over $250.00: At your request, we will not ship irregular publications with a value of over $250.00. We will supply the details on each publication via e-mail and obtain your approval prior to shipping the title.

Single Source Advantage: Dealing with multiple organizations to source the publications you need can be very frustrating. By choosing Renouf, we eliminate the hassle of dealing with over 35 international organizations located worldwide, by sourcing and managing the process for you.

If you require a special service not mentioned above, please contact us and we will do our very best to serve you.