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IRIS Special 2018-2
Media Law Enforcement Without Frontiers

Series:European Audiovisual Observatory
ISBN 9789287189073
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $10.00; US: $7.00
Language: English
106 pages
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How is it possible to effectively enforce the legislation in the Internet field, because of its very cross-border nature?

The way the Internet and new communication technologies revolutionised the dissemination of audiovisual content across border has resulted in a digital cyberspace that is overwhelmed with countless amounts of content (both legal and illegal), thus raising new challenges in terms of regulation. In that regard, ensuring law and order online cannot be achieved exclusively at national levels by single states, regardless of how powerful their legal system and law enforcement measures are. This IRIS Special addresses the question of cross-border law enforcement in the field of audiovisual media online.

IRIS Special 2018-2
Cdn: $10.00; US: $7.00
Council of Europe BookID: 124339 Added: 2019.2.3