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The Artifactual Nature of Law
IVR Studies in the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy

by Luka Burazin, Corrado Roversi, and Paweł Banaś, editors
ISBN 9781800885912
Publication year: 2022

Cdn: $203.00; US: $140.00
Language: English
256 pages
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This thought-provoking book develops and elaborates on the artifact theory of law, covering a wide range of related theoretical and practical topics. Offering a range of perspectives that flesh out the artifact theory of law, it also introduces criticisms of previous formulations of the theory and inquires into its potential payoffs.

Featuring international contributions from both noted and up-and-coming scholars in law and philosophy, the book is divided into two parts. The first part further explores and evaluates the concept of law as an artifact and analyses the background and theoretical basis of the theory. The second part comprises three sections on legal ontology, semantics and legal normativity, specifically in relation to law's artifactual nature.

Providing cutting-edge insights at the intersection of law and philosophy, this book will appeal to scholars and students in philosophy of law, empirical legal studies, social ontology and the philosophy of society.

'The Artifactual Nature of Law is a great collection of chapters that deal with the nature of law and legal systems. The idea of law as an artifact sheds new light on the ontology, semantics and normativity of law. Additionally, the book explores fascinating topics such as the functions of law and the nature of institutional beliefs and intentions.'
– Giovanni Tuzet, Bocconi University, Italy

'The Artifactual Nature of Law presents a truly impressive collection of perspectives, drawn from cutting edge work across several areas of philosophy, to arrive at a rich set of reflections on central questions in legal theory. It offers the most advanced look at law's artifactual nature to date.'
– Michael Giudice, York University, Canada

Contributors include: Paweł Banaś, Luka Burazin, Jonathan Crowe, Adam Dyrda, Kenneth M. Ehrenberg, Lucila Fernández Alle, Miguel Garcia-Godinez, Noam Gur, Mario Krešić, Zuzanna Krzykalska, Petar Popović, Izabela Skoczeń.

Edited by Luka Burazin, Kenneth Einar Himma, Department of Legal Theory, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Corrado Roversi, Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna, Italy and Paweł Banaś, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian Centre for Law, Language and Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Poland.
The Artifactual Nature of Law
Cdn: $203.00; US: $140.00
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