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Youth Marketing to Digital Natives
by Wided Batat

Series:New Horizons in Marketing series
ISBN 9781839109294
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $196.00; US: $135.00
Language: English
288 pages
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Offering a critical approach to youth marketing, this comprehensive book provides a framework to better understand the mechanisms that shape youth consumption cultures and behaviors. The ideas investigated include how to advertise to digital natives, how to engage young customers, and why digital natives adopt or reject brands.

Youth Marketing to Digital Natives introduces a youth consumption culture perspective that captures the paradoxical and emotion-driven behaviors of young consumers while offering insight into the impact of social media, advertising and age segmentation. Wided Batat explores concepts such as fun culture, youth identity fragmentation, juxtaposition, and virtual consumption, as well as examples of companies and brands that target the youth market.

Providing the reader with new market research tools to study digital natives, this book will be a welcome companion for students and researchers with an interest in marketing and consumer research. This will also be an interesting read for businesses and scholars looking to develop their knowledge of youth consumption culture and digital natives.

'Based on solid original research, Dr. Batat has crafted a must-read for anyone who must understand pre-teens and teenagers. Her results point to a new approach for marketing, whether promoting products or healthy choices, a new approach that takes into account the sometimes-rapid changes that young people go through. Practical and thorough, with clear recommendations and case studies.'
– Jeff Tanner, Old Dominion University, US

Wided Batat, Professor of Marketing, Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker.
Youth Marketing to Digital Natives
Cdn: $196.00; US: $135.00
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