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Digital Platforms and Global Law
by Fabio Bassan
ISBN 9781800889422
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $159.50; US: $110.00
Language: English
168 pages
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Digital Platforms and Global Law focuses on digital platforms and identifies their relevant legal profiles in terms of transnational and international law. It qualifies digital platforms as private legal orders, which exercise the legislative, executive, and (para)jurisdictional power within them. Starting from this assumption, the author studies the relationship between these orders and state, transnational, and international orders.

The book first explores the reasons for the inadequacy of the current regulatory matrix and goes on to detail the need for a new paradigm; a shift from the current matrix of market regulation to one of negotiation. The author then examines the lack of effectiveness of current tools and explores how better versions, tools of uniform law, are emerging.

This unique exploration will appeal to governments, regulatory authorities, digital platforms, businesses, and students and will find further audience with policy makers and practitioners.

Fabio Bassan, Professor of International Law, Department of Business Economics, Roma Tre University, Italy.
Digital Platforms and Global Law
Cdn: $159.50; US: $110.00
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