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Comparative Methods in Law, Humanities and Social Sciences
by Maurice Adams and Mark Van Hoecke, editors
ISBN 9781802201451
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $210.50; US: $145.00
Language: English
288 pages
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This cutting-edge book facilitates debate amongst scholars in law, humanities and social sciences, where comparative methodology is far less well anchored in most areas compared to other research methods. It posits that these are disciplines in which comparative research is not simply a bonus, but is of the essence.

Featuring discussions and reflections from scholars experienced in conducting comparative research, this book considers the ways in which comparative legal research can gain important comparative, qualitative and interpretive insights from the humanities and from the social sciences. Chapters examine contrasting comparative legal versus historical approaches, comparative sociology, comparative religion, comparative (legal) anthropology, comparative philosophy, comparative economics and more. Additionally, the book considers the challenges that lie ahead, not just for comparative legal research, but for comparative disciplines as a whole. Of the many challenges that are identified and discussed, the book concludes that comparative research can especially be further developed when it is also understood as a research design, instead of just a method.

Inspiring and progressive, this book will be a crucial reference point for both research students and experienced researchers who are embarking on comparative research within the disciplines of law, humanities and social sciences.

'Comparative Methods in Law, Humanities and Social Sciences makes a fresh and innovative addition to the booming literature on comparative research. The collection of chapters combines insights from various disciplines in humanities and social sciences such as law, literature, religion and politics. The editors have done a magnificent job in putting together a splendid group of world-class experts to author the individual chapters. This is a truly ground-breaking work and a must on every comparatist's bookshelf.'
– Heikki Pihlajamäki, University of Helsinki, Finland

'Comparative methods play a key role in many academic fields; yet, there is little interaction between the literature of these different fields. It is thus of great benefit that Maurice Adams and Mark Van Hoecke have brought together an excellent group of authors to reflect on comparative methods in law, humanities and social sciences. The book fills an important gap in the literature and promises to provide an important work of inspiration for scholars across many fields.'
– Mathias Siems, European University Institute, Italy and Durham University, UK

Contributors: Maurice Adams, Jean-Pascal Daloz, Oliver Freiberger, Kjell Å Modéer, David Nelken, Angus Nicholls, Geoffrey Samuel, Katrin Seidel, Peter van der Veer, Mark Van Hoecke, Ralph Weber, Mathew Wong.

Edited by Maurice Adams, Professor of General Jurisprudence, Tilburg University, the Netherlands and Mark Van Hoecke, Professor of Comparative Law, Queen Mary University of London, UK and School of Law, Ghent University, Belgium.
Comparative Methods in Law, Humanities and Social Sciences
Cdn: $210.50; US: $145.00
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