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World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition
by Léo-Paul Dana, editor
ISBN 9781839104138
Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $486.00; US: $335.00
Language: English
704 pages
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Bringing together preeminent international scholars in the field, the updated second edition of this comprehensive Encyclopedia offers detailed analyses of critical concepts in entrepreneurship by the leading thinkers in the field.

This illuminating resource contains 76 entries addressing the intricacies of global entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Covering topics including blockchain technology, digital entrepreneurship, ethical concerns for entrepreneurs, mental health in entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship, this authoritative reference work sheds light on the multilayered entrepreneurial world, providing crucial insights into navigating the nuances of the New Economy.

Providing readers with a unique guide for the contemporary business age, this Encyclopedia is an indispensable point of reference for scholars and researchers exploring new research opportunities as well as students in need of a thorough overview of the key concepts in the field. It will also benefit practitioners searching for advanced understanding of complex entrepreneurship topics.

'This second edition of World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship is especially and unreservedly recommended for professional, community, corporate, college, and university library Contemporary Business reference collections in general, and Entrepreneurship supplemental curriculum studies reading lists in particular.'
– James A Cox, Midwest Book Review

Contributors: Z.J. Acs, V. Akstinaite, H.E. Aldrich, K. Althoff, R.B. Anderson, A. Atherton, D.B. Audretsch, M. Bacigalupo, G. Baldacchino, W.J. Baumol, N. Belhoste, O. Belousova, C. Ben-Hafaïedh, J. Binder, R. Bocquet, D. Bögenhold, J. Bort, M. Brandstrup, E. Braune, S.C. Carraher, S.M. Carraher, J.R. Carter, M. Casson, A. Catanzaro, R. Coeurderoy, R.H. Cohen, J.G. Covin, D. Crick, J.M. Crick, D. Cutolo, L.-P. Dana, N.J. Dana, T.E. Dana, A.A. Degen, P. Dimitratos, S. Down, I. Drori, L. Duquenne, S. Farny, V. Favre-Bonté, L. Ferguson, L.J. Filion, M. Gordon, A. Groen, E. Groenland, C. Gurău, M. Hannibal, I. Hatak, B. Hattink, T.H. Hawver, R.D. Hisrich, B. Honig, G. Jha, G.A. Kaffka, R.W.Y. Kao, K.R. Kao, R.R. Kao, T. Kautonen, F.W. Kellermanns, A. Koch, S. Kolb, G. Kondova, S. Kraus, N. Krueger, D.F. Kuratko, P. Kyrö, M. Lackéus, A. Leckel, L. Leišytė, C. Leitch, I.H. Light, S. Lippman, M. Lundqvist, T.K. Madsen, V.R. Maksimov, C.M. Mason, A. Maus, P.P. McDougall, G. McElwee, K. Messeghem, M.H. Morris, W. Ng, M. Niemi, J.-J. Obrecht, B.M. Oviatt, J. Palmroos, R. Parente, J.M. Pollack, V. Ramadani, J. Redmond, F.J. Riar, M. Ruef, E. Sadler-Smith, J.-M. Sahut, S. Sammut, M.T. Schaper, J. Schembri, L. Schjoedt, P.-S. Seet, J. Sharafizad, A.E. Singer, O. Som, Y. Song, V. Stead, W.-L. Tan, S. Terjesen, P. Vainio, J. Vang, K. Wagner, P.C. Weber, D.H.B. Welsh, F. Welter, K. Wennberg, P. Westhead, J. Wichers, H. Wiig, J. Wiklund, K. Williams-Middleton, M. Wright, W. Yu, S. Zahra, T. Zhang.

Edited by Léo-Paul Dana, Professor, Dalhousie University, Canada and Montpellier Business School, France.
World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship, 2nd Edition
Cdn: $486.00; US: $335.00
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