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The Future of Work and Employment
by Adrian Wilkinson and Michael Barry, editors
ISBN 9781786438249
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $210.50; US: $145.00
Language: English
264 pages
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This cutting-edge book charts the latest ideas and concepts in employment relations research. Mapping out the intellectual boundaries of the field, The Future of Work and Employment outlines the key research and policy outcomes for work and employment in the age of digitisation and artificial intelligence.

Internationally renowned contributors unpack the implications of the latest developments in employment relations, from the rise of the gig economy to the role of platform companies, from perspectives such as employment (in)security, equity, fairness, wellbeing and voice. Reviewing the extant literature on the future of work, and exploring the biggest issues facing the modern workforce, this book argues for a research base that allows more sober reflections on the grand claims that dictate the future of work.

Empirically-grounded and incisively-argued, the book forms critical reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of business and human resource management, featuring insight into the latest developments in the field. Researchers, policymakers and practitioners will also benefit from its implications for policy and its blending of theory and practice.

'Wilkinson and Barry offer an informative edited collection of pertinent articles by some 22 contributing authors. Recurring topics throughout the 14 chapters are artificial intelligence impacts, gig work, and the concept of meaningful employment. Students destined for required internships will find the article regarding unpaid work and internships to be of absolute relevance. Scholars contemplating future publishing projects in this area should find this book particularly useful for staking out new terrain. The chapters are thorough, the references are robust, and the tables and figures are meaningful.'
– D.K. Vellenga, CHOICE

'The book The Future of Work and Employment edited by Australian scholars Adrian Wilkinson and Michael Barry recently caught my eye. It tackles a massive subject and takes that subject seriously. It also provides a wide range of perspectives on the title, and a variety of insights into how your career might soon be affected. If your work calls for a deeper understanding of any of these topics, this book provides a useful resource.'
– Michael Arthur, Forbes

'Many talk about the future of work. This volume refreshingly replaces grand pronouncements, sweeping generalizations, and a narrow focus on technology and the gig economy with thoughtful, nuanced reflections on a wide range of challenges. Taken together, this collection of stimulating chapters results in a robust research agenda that should help define the future of the future of work.'
– John W. Budd, University of Minnesota, US, and author of The Thought of Work

Contributors: C. Bailey, M. Barry, C. Brewster, J. Cushen, F. Flanagan, D. Foden, V. Gekara, R. Gomez, D. Grant-Smith, J. Healy, P. Holland, S. Kaine, B.E. Kaufman, G. Kirton, A. Madden, P. McDonald, G. Murray, D. Peetz, A. Pekarek, K. Ravenswood, D. Snell, H. Thomas, E. Trevor-Roberts, A. Wilkinson.

Edited by Adrian Wilkinson, Professor and Michael Barry, Professor, Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith University, Australia.
The Future of Work and Employment
Cdn: $210.50; US: $145.00
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