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Innovation Management
Perspectives from Strategy, Product, Process and Human Resources Research

by Vida Škudienė, Jason Li-Ying, and Fabian Bernhard, editors

Series:New Horizons in Innovation Management series
ISBN 9781789909807
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $188.50; US: $130.00
Language: English
224 pages
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Offering a conceptual framework that integrates strategy, product, process and human resource research, this timely book interrogates these four critical and interrelated areas of innovation management. Chapters examine new insights into the latest trends in the field, providing a holistic view into key management strategies that benefit both up-and-coming and established businesses.

International contributions from leading scholars analyze cases and research from the USA, Japan, China and Brazil as well as a range of European countries, highlighting the successes and failures of key innovation management systems. The book looks at ways to create a sustainable innovation strategy, and how this can be implemented to achieve competitive advantage in the long run.

The suggested integrated framework allows for a sound understanding of influential managerial elements, making this an important read for practitioners hoping to define and renew successfully innovative organisations. Management and entrepreneurship scholars will benefit from the novel insights into innovation strategy explored in the book.

'This book arrives in an insightful moment! Innovation Management is not only a relevant effort made by representative international authors, but also it is an up to date vision of the key topic of the 21st century, innovation and its management issues. Other than the role of strategy, product development and processes, we have to shed light to a fourth critical aspect on management of innovation: the role of people.'
– Paulo A. Zawislak, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and Innovation Research Center (NITEC), Brazil

'I was excited to learn that Vida Škudienė, Jason Li-Ying, and Fabian Bernhard had teamed up to produce a book on innovation management from a strategic perspective. They did not disappoint. Building on their considerable international academic and practical experience, they have produced a must-read volume at the critical intersection of innovation and strategy from multiple perspectives. Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars from multiple countries, they have compiled critical insights into strategic, product, process, and human resource innovation management. Overall, this book offers solid economic and social perspectives which keenly inform the formulation of innovation strategy for managers, entrepreneurs, students, and academics.'
– Charles H. Matthews, University of Cincinnati, US

'Managing innovation is undoubtedly key for success in the modern era, but is typically viewed through a few classic best-practices. This book has a more diverse geographical and organizational coverage, which provides new and important insights on the understanding and application of innovation management. It is a well-worth and highly recommended read.'
– Jannis Angelis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Sweden

'An environment and culture of innovation are key factors for companies to succeed in a highly competitive world. The importance of employees with the right mindset and skills plays a major role in this equation. This book provides very useful insights on the role of human resources management.'
– Daniel Zinner, Global Mobility Thought Leader and HR Management Consultant, Germany

'Innovation is the lifeblood of an organization. For innovation management, one must address the strategy, product, process, and people components. This new book provides an invaluable contribution to the existing literature looking at innovation management from a worldwide perspective. New insights are gleaned from these case studies and global research perspectives. Keep on innovating!'
– Jay Liebowitz, Harrisburg University of Sciences and Technology, US

Contributors: V. Auruskeviciene, F. Bernhard, I. Buciuniene, J. Chen, A. Chmieliauskas, S.L. Conner, G. Gopal, K. Grigorjevaite, A. Klimaviciene, J. Li-Ying, D.P.T. Lopes, T. Onaka, E. Pilkauskaite, S. Senkevic, S. Sereika, S. Šimkonis, V. Škudienė, O. Stangej, K. Tadakuma, G. Vezeliene, Y. Wang, R. Wickramasekera.

Edited by Vida Škudienė, ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania, Jason Li-Ying, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark and Fabian Bernhard, EDHEC Business School, France.
Innovation Management
Cdn: $188.50; US: $130.00
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