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Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
by Jacob H. Rooksby, editor

Series:Research Handbooks in Intellectual Property series
ISBN 9781788116626
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $420.50; US: $290.00
Language: English
512 pages
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Universities everywhere are increasingly being encouraged to translate their research findings into practical applications that will further the common good through technology transfer, a process in which intellectual property (IP) laws and systems play a central role. This Research Handbook skilfully places IP issues in technology transfer into their historical and political context whilst also exploring and framing the development of these intersecting domains for innovative universities in the present and the future.

Written by leading experts from across the world, this Research Handbook offers new insights into our understanding of this area and its practical implications, situating IP and technology transfer within larger dialogues concerning the future of the research university. It illuminates a complex ecosystem in which the stakes are high and best practices are nuanced. Not overlooked are the most timely and controversial topics in the field, including inter partes review proceedings, conflicts of interest, patent enforcement and the public good, 3D printing, and university treatment of data.

This Research Handbook will prove critical reading for scholars of both technology transfer and IP, as well as for practitioners working in these fields. Stakeholders such as university presidents and governing boards and members of higher education organizations will also find it insightful and useful.

'As university technology transfer operations assume increasing responsibility for a broad range of innovation-related activities, this timely and important contribution provides an essential reference guide. Chapters covering both history and current practice establish the still evolving role of technology transfer within the university as a still evolving knowledge enterprise. The emphasis on the innovation economy and the public good firmly situates the book within the modern conception of this critical university function.'
– Michael Crow, Arizona State University, US

'This Research Handbook is an indispensable guide for understanding current U.S. university technology transfer practices, and the related conflicts and tensions. It provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of technology transfer and the political dynamics among and within universities in the background of the Bayh-Dole Act and the America Invents Act. ... overall the Research Handbook should be of considerable value both to practitioners and scholars in enhancing their understanding of technology transfer issues and concerns.'
– Robert Hardy, Council on Governmental Relations, US

Contributors: D.R. Cahoy, J. Carter-Johnson, Z. Chu, J.L. Contreras, M. Costa, J.A. Cunningham, C.L. Dahl, R. Feldman, T. Firpo, B.L. Frye, S. Ghosh, P. Guarda, C.S. Hayter, P. Lee, M.A. Lemley, B.J. Love, M.J. Madison, M.S. Mireles, M. Nicotra, E. Oliver, B. Pilz, M. Rimmer, M.D. Rinehart, M. Romano, J.H. Rooksby, C.J. Ryan, J.A. Sebeok, T. Sherer, L. Vertinsky, J.B. Warshaw, S. Xiaoxue.

Edited by Jacob H. Rooksby, Dean and Professor of Law, Gonzaga University School of Law, Spokane, Washington, US.
Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
Cdn: $420.50; US: $290.00
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