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Corporate Income Taxes Under Pressure
Why Reform Is Needed and How It Could Be Designed

by Ruud De Mooij, Alexander Klemm, and Victoria Perry
ISBN 9781513511771

Publication year: 2021

Cdn: $55.50; US: $38.00
Language: English
388 pages
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“The IMF is at the forefront of thinking about tax policy and practice. This book collects deep insights about corporate income taxation from IMF staff, drawing on both theory and practical experience, and provides an excellent guide to options for much-needed reform.”
- Michael Devereux, Director, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation

“The global pandemic has brought new urgency to two major roles for corporate income tax: revenue raising to fund public health systems and economic recovery and redistribution to combat stark inequalities. But “the current international tax architecture is no longer fit for purpose,” the authors find. The IMF is sometimes criticized for promoting a regressive fiscal agenda, but these contributions represent a powerful and progressive critique of the current international tax system. Corporate income tax is vital, and the pressure is on to remake the architecture.”
- Alex Cobham, Tax Justice Network

“This excellent book analyzes the evolution and major shortcomings of the international tax architecture, which is clearly no longer fit for purpose in a rapidly changing globalized world. It highlights lower-income countries’ inability to tax their fair share of multinationals’ profits and raise much-needed revenue for development spending—strained even further by the COVID-19 crisis. This analytical work should motivate and inform long-overdue multilateral efforts toward an equitable global tax system that also meets its development imperative.”
- Marilou Uy, Director, Intergovernmental Group of 24

“This book is an invaluable guide to international taxation as it is practiced today between countries and by multinational firms. While most directly aimed at policymakers, it will be useful for practitioners and students as well. An overarching takeaway from this excellent volume is that there is no panacea for the ills in international tax regimes. The chapter authors have viewed tax systems in practice, and real-world analyses permeate the book.”
- Stephen Shay, Paulus Endowment Senior Tax Fellow, Boston College Law School

International tax issues have long been at the core of IMF research, and the IMF has provided much advice on this topic. This volume offers a complete assessment of the current international tax architecture while remaining accessible to a relatively broad audience. It is meant to be a guide to the various facets of international taxation. Many of the topics covered have increased in importance during COVID-19, such as the need for globally coordinated efforts to further reduce profit shifting and tax competition.
Corporate Income Taxes Under Pressure
Cdn: $55.50; US: $38.00
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