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Growing Old Before Becoming Rich
Challenges of An Aging Population in Sri Lanka
ISBN 9789292619640
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $37.50; US: $25.00
Language: English
92 pages
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By 2050, Sri Lanka will go through an unprecedented demographic transition into an aging population at a lower level of per capita income than other aging economies. This publication analyzes the living arrangements and incomes of the over-60s in Sri Lanka, and patterns and trends of aging. It identifies the challenges the country is likely to face and suggests how policy makers can tackle them.

  • Sri Lanka's Demographic Transition: Growing Old Before Becoming Rich
  • The State of the Elderly
  • Pensions and Old-Age Income Support
  • Labor Market and Population Aging
  • Health and Long-Term Care for the Elderly
  • Summary and Conclusion
Growing Old Before Becoming Rich
Cdn: $37.50; US: $25.00
Asian Development Bank (ADB) BookID: 127773 Added: 2020.10.4