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Mongolia’s Economic Prospects
Resource-Rich and Landlocked between Two Giants

by Matthias Helble, Hal Hill, and Declan Magee, editors

Series:Country Diagnostic Studies
ISBN 9789292622480
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $51.00; US: $34.00
Language: English
320 pages
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Mongolia is a resource-rich country that, despite being landlocked, is well-placed to take advantage of trade with its two giant neighbors. To maximize the country's potential, the government can improve macroeconomic management, enhance the skill base, and provide hard and soft infrastructure to promote trade and efficient logistics. Governance and institutional reforms are also crucial.

  • The Economy: An Overview
  • Macroeconomic Management
  • Managing the Natural Resource Abundance
  • Economic Diversification Beyond Mining
  • International Dimensions of National Development: Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Labor Migration
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • The Business Climate: Institutions and Governance
  • Living Standards, Labor Market, and Social Development
Mongolia’s Economic Prospects
Cdn: $51.00; US: $34.00
Asian Development Bank (ADB) BookID: 127748 Added: 2020.10.3