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Environmental Performance Reviews
Uzbekistan, Third Review
ISBN 9789211172409
Code: #E20IIE26

Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $103.00; US: $75.00
Language: English
500 pages
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The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Environmental Performance Review (EPR) Programme assesses progress made by individual countries in reconciling their economic and social development with environmental protection, as well as in meeting international commitments on environment and sustainable development. The Environmental Performance Review Programme assists countries to improve their environmental policies by making concrete recommendations for better policy design and implementation. Environmental Performance Reviews help to integrate environmental policies into sector-specific policies such as those in agriculture, energy, transport and health. Through the peer review process, the reviews promote dialogue among Governments about the effectiveness of environmental policies as well as the exchange of practical experience in implementing sustainable development and green economy initiatives. They also promote greater Government accountability to the public. The present publication contains the third Environmental Performance Review of Uzbekistan. It takes stock of progress made by Uzbekistan in the management of its environment since it was reviewed for the second time in 2009–2010. It covers legal and policy frameworks and environmental compliance assurance mechanisms and addresses the topics of greening the economy, environmental monitoring, public participation and education. Furthermore, it addresses issues of specific importance to the country related to air protection, biodiversity and protected areas, as well as water, waste and chemicals management. The report also examines the efforts of Uzbekistan to integrate environmental considerations into its policies in the energy, agriculture, transport, industry and health sectors and to make human settlements more environmentally friendly. The Aral Sea disaster and its consequences for the environment and human health come as a cross cutting issue throughout the review. The review further provides a substantive and policy analysis of the country’s climate change adaptation and mitigation measures and its participation in international mechanisms. It includes an assessment of relevant targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and provides recommendations related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. The publication is aimed at officials and experts working for public authorities responsible for environmental policy, representatives of civil society, the business community, academia and the media. The EPR Programme is an important instrument for countries with economies in transition. Third-cycle EPRs focus on environmental governance and financing in a green economy context, countries’ cooperation with the international community and environmental mainstreaming in priority sectors. Through the peer review process, EPRs also promote dialogue among ECE member countries and harmonization of environmental conditions and policies throughout the region.
Environmental Performance Reviews
Cdn: $103.00; US: $75.00
Economic Commission for Europe (ECE - United Nations) BookID: 127536 Added: 2020.7.19