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Transnational Business Governance Interactions
Advancing Marginalized Actors and Enhancing Regulatory Quality

by Stepan Wood, Rebecca Schmidt, Margaret W. Wong, Burkard Eberlein, and Kenneth W. Abbott, editors
ISBN 9781788114721
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $233.00; US: $170.00
Language: English
416 pages
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From agriculture to sport and from climate change to indigenous rights, transnational regulatory regimes and actors are multiplying and interacting with poorly understood results. This interdisciplinary book investigates whether, how and by whom transnational business governance interactions (TBGIs) can be harnessed to improve the quality of transnational regulation and advance the interests of marginalized actors.

Exploring multiple sectors and issue areas, Transnational Business Governance Interactions presents new empirical and theoretical research from leading and emerging scholars and identifies obstacles to, and opportunities for, mobilizing TBGIs to enhance regulatory capacities, outputs and outcomes and to advance marginalized actors in transnational business governance.

The prime readership for this work is an interdisciplinary audience of academics including scholars of law, business, environmental studies, international relations, political science, political economy and sociology. Because of its attention to practical strategies to harness governance interactions to enhance regulatory quality and advance marginalized groups, the book will also be of interest to high-level participants in global business governance, including standards-setting bodies, certification bodies, auditors, trade associations, civil society organizations, social movement organizers, national regulators, overseas development agencies and international organizations.

'Transnational Business Governance Interactions provides a detailed exploration of whether and how interactions between the transnational regulatory governance regimes of businesses in a range of sectors can be harnessed by those participating in them to improve regulatory quality and advance the interests of marginalised actors. It provides a rich set of case studies which examine when and how such interactions can be productive or constraining, and deepens our theoretical understandings of this important area of polycentric regulatory governance.'
– Julia Black, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Contributors: K.W. Abbott, G. Auld, M. Bach, S. Carodenuto, D. Casey, B. Cashore, C.C.-H. Chen, B. Eberlein, P. Foley, S. Gao, T. Havinga, L.F. Henriksen, E. Meidinger, N. Oman, P. Paiement, S. Renckens, R. Schmidt, L. Seabrooke, P. Verbruggen, O. Westerwinter, J.K. Winn, S. Wood.

Edited by Stepan Wood, Canada Research Chair in Law, Society and Sustainability, Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia, Canada, Rebecca Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Law, Dublin City University, Ireland, Errol Meidinger, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Margaret W. Wong Professor of Law, Buffalo School of Law, The State University of New York, US, Burkard Eberlein, Professor of Public Policy and Strategic Management, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada and Kenneth W. Abbott, Jack E. Brown Professor of Law emeritus, Arizona State University, US.
Transnational Business Governance Interactions
Cdn: $233.00; US: $170.00
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