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Research Handbook on Start-Up Incubation Ecosystems
by Adam Novotny, Einar Rasmussen, Tommy H. Clausen, and Johan Wiklund, editors

Series:Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
ISBN 9781788973526
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
Language: English
464 pages
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This insightful and comprehensive Research Handbook explores the concept of start-up incubation ecosystems and investigates the various factors that interact to provide a nurturing environment suitable for the creation and successful development of start-ups.

Chapters employ a range of approaches for the study of incubation ecosystems, including literature reviews, theoretical studies, and empirical research featuring both quantitative and qualitative methods. An international team of authors analyzes data from a diverse range of countries to cover topics including: multi-level approaches to incubation ecosystems; start-up support mechanisms such as incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces; and the role of organizations involved in incubation ecosystems such as universities, government agencies and multinational companies. The Research Handbook thus illustrates the critical part played by the early development of start-ups within entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Scholars and doctoral students working in entrepreneurship and innovation will find this Research Handbook invaluable to their understanding of start-up incubation ecosystems and in illuminating future research agendas. It will also prove useful to practitioners and policymakers working with start-ups and organizations that support them.

'This book successfully narrows down the broad concept of "ecosystems" and focuses on a more delineated context that surrounds firms when they start learning how to become independent by using available resources in their proximate environment. Readers can learn not only about SUPIEs as a multilayered system but can also indulge in exploring the effective functioning of their essential parts, such as incubators, accelerators, universities and of course start-up and spin-off firms.'
– Rosa Grimaldi, University of Bologna, Italy

Contributors: B.W. Åmo, C. Bellavitis, P. Benneworth, P.M. Bican, A. Billström, J.J. Bragelien, M. Breivik-Meyer, A. Brem, E. Carlsson, T.H. Clausen, C.M. DaSilva, M. Good, J. Grande, M. Gulbrandsen, J.Ø. Hansen, R.R. Hermann, E.J. Isaksen, A. Jensen, A.R. Johnson, E.J.B. Jørgensen, K. Kassel, M. Knockaert, L. Kolvereid, M. Landoni, K. Lesniak, Å. Mariussen, K.E. Masyn, A. McKelvie, K. Messeghem, S.F. Mitchell, D. Modic, N. Nguyen, G. Nonet, N. Nordling, A. Novotny, A. O'Connor, I.B. Pettersen, R. Pugh, E. Rasmussen, T. Ratinho, S. Saarenketo, S.R. Sardeshmukh, M. Sargent, R. Smith, R. Sørheim, O. Straub, C. Theodoraki, E. Thomas, L. Torkkeli, E. van der Lingen, H. Velt, K.H. Voldsund, J. Wiklund, T. Yoshioka-Kobayashi.

Edited by Adam Novotny, Researcher, Einar Rasmussen, Professor, Tommy H. Clausen, Professor, Nord University Business School, Bodø, Norway and Johan Wiklund, The Al Berg Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, US.
Research Handbook on Start-Up Incubation Ecosystems
Cdn: $308.50; US: $225.00
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