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Handbook of the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment
by Gregor Gall, editor
ISBN 9781784715687
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
Language: English
464 pages
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Providing a thorough overview of the political nature of, and dynamics between, the worlds of work, labour and employment, this timely Handbook draws together an interdisciplinary range of top contributors to explore the interdependent relationship between politics and labour, work and employment.

Chapters provide a wide range of differing theoretical approaches with which to explore the legal, economic and socio-political aspects of labour, work and employment in pre-capitalist, capitalist and post-capitalist societies. The Handbook explores the purpose, roles, rights and powers of employers and management, workers and unions, states and governments in the age of globalised neo-liberalism. Different non-standard and non-renumerated types of work are examined with their counterparts, offering a thorough insight into the modern economy with a key focus on migration, gender, race and community.

An essential reference for political economists as well as business and management scholars, this comprehensive Handbook provides an important analysis of the interconnectedness of politics and labour, work and employment. This will also be a useful read for policy makers looking for broad insights to the ways in which policies can impact labour, work and employment.

'Many of the contributors to this book point out how daunted they felt when they began their chapters. There is no argument that the authors had their work cut out, but they triumphantly achieve the ambitious goals they were set. This is an extremely useful book which features authoritative overviews of complex, and potentially baffling, subjects and guides readers through the latest evidence and developments in a wide range of theoretical traditions. This evidence is drawn from across the world's largest economies and space is made for some original research. Chapters draw on a variety of disciplinary resources to illuminate complex issues at the heart of current research and scholarship.'
– Ralph Fevre, Cardiff University, UK

Contributors: B. Abbott, G. Alberti, S. Austen, A. Bogg, S.C. Bolton, Z. Ciupijus, R. Cohen, N. Davidson, P. Findlay, C. Forde, G. Friedman, G. Gall, B.W. Halpin, B. Harley, T. Hastings, J. Heyes, C. Howell, T. Jefferson, S. Jefferys, B.E. Kaufman, K. Laaser, L. Lord, M.M. Lucio, R. MacKenzie, S. Mustchin, G. Patmore, G. Sewell, V. Smith, M. Stuart, C.C. Williams, S. Williams.

Edited by Gregor Gall, Visiting Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Leeds, UK.
Handbook of the Politics of Labour, Work and Employment
Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
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