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World Employment and Social Outlook
Trends 2020
ISBN 9789220314081
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $34.50; US: $25.00
Language: English
127 pages
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World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2020 provides a global overview of recent trends in labour force participation, employment, unemployment and other forms of labour underutilization, productivity, as well as different dimensions of job quality such as employment status, informal employment and working poverty. This analysis is based on data from 189 countries in the world. The report also examines rural versus urban disparities and provides an indicator for social unrest. Furthermore, the report presents projections for key labour market indicators for the period 2020–24.

The first chapter of the report analyses trends by countries’ level of income, while the second chapter focuses on trends by region. Based on novel ILO data, the third chapter is dedicated to the analysis of trends in the share and distribution of labour income.

The report demonstrates that there are major gaps in access to work, since the estimate of combined labour underutilization is pronounced and extends well beyond unemployment. Moreover, the report shows that the quality of employment relationships is insufficient for many of those who are in paid work. Finally, focusing on spatial disparities and inequalities by gender and age, the report finds that labour market experiences are highly unequal. Overall, disparities in the access to decent work translate into high and persistent income inequality, with inequality in labour incomes being more pronounced than previously thought.
World Employment and Social Outlook
Cdn: $34.50; US: $25.00
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