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Governance Analysis
Critical Enquiry at the Intersection of Politics, Policy and Society

by Emma Carmel, editor
ISBN 9781788111744
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $178.50; US: $130.00
Language: English
224 pages
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This insightful book develops a new theoretical account of governance as regimes of governing practices that shape the political ordering of social relations. This account develops insights from sociology, politics and political economy and is 'post'-poststructuralist in scope. Chapters explore and synthesise three key features of governing that are often treated as contradictory: the historical contingency of statehood, the structured and unequal distribution of power and authority in governing, and the transformative possibilities of political action. This book proposes an innovative approach to governance analysis as a critical mode of empirical enquiry that is systematic, contextualised and holistic. In doing so, it also provides a new analytical framework to facilitate empirical investigation.

Featuring tools of situated critique and analytical contextualisation, and with case study chapters that apply this framework in a range of empirical settings, this book is vital reading for all researchers of public policy and governance. Furthermore, researchers applying state theories to empirical investigation, and postgraduate students scrutinising complex governance settings, will also benefit from this book's theoretical account, analytical framework and case examples.

'Trenchant and urgently needed analysis. Emma Carmel aims to "rescue" governance from the bin of irrelevancy and rescue she does. With a scholarly eye alert to real-world practices, the authors tackle how governing is actually done, featuring its oft-overlooked practices and politics. A huge contribution to the theoretical and methodological analysis of governance.'
– Janine R. Wedel, George Mason University, US

Contributors: E. Carmel, H. Durrant, M. Farr, J. Harlock, H. Kan, F. Morgan, S. Morgan-Trimmer, R. Paul.

Edited by Emma Carmel, University of Bath, UK.
Governance Analysis
Cdn: $178.50; US: $130.00
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