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Increasing Occupational Health and Safety in Workplaces
Individual, Work and Organizational Factors

by Ronald J. Burke and Astrid M. Richardsen, editors
ISBN 9781788118088
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $240.00; US: $175.00
Language: English
432 pages
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The ILO estimates that around 2.3 million workers die annually as a result of occupational accidents and diseases. A further 1 million workers suffer workplace accidents every day. Alongside the human impact, these accidents cost an estimated 4 per cent of GDP in the US, equating to 2.8 trillion US dollars. This book considers occupational health and safety, and the ways in which it can be increased to both improve working conditions and reduce the material costs of accidents.

Bringing together leading academics in the field, and presenting original research from both the private and public sectors, Increasing Occupational Health and Safety in Workplaces argues for greater reporting of workplace accidents and injuries. It also incorporates stress as a factor in rates of accidents and injuries, and suggests ways in which workplace safety cultures can be fostered and improved.

This book will be an invaluable tool for students of management, especially those with an interest in small businesses. Its insights will also be of interest for organizational administrators responsible for preventing workplace accidents and injuries at various levels, and for government employees with an interest in occupational health and safety.

'Burke and Richardsen have successfully brought together a diverse group of experts to provide an international and comprehensive assessment of today's occupational health and safety challenges – and the best evidence-based solutions. This book is recommended reading for OHS researchers as well as any manager or professional committed to improving worker well-being.'
– Graham Lowe, workplace consultant and Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Canada

'Increasing Occupational Health and Safety in Workplaces encompasses a comprehensive and holistic vision of health and safety. From its stellar line-up of OHS experts to its coverage of current topics that are affecting workers in a variety of industries, this book is a must-read not only for OHS researchers and practitioners … but also for anyone interested in working in a safe and healthy job.'
– Arla Day, Saint Marys University, Canada

Contributors: Ç. Agnew, C. Austin, A. Becker, E.L. Bettac, G. Bjaalid, C. Bofinger, R.J. Burke, S. Clarke, D. Cliff, D.M. DeJoy, M.F. Dollard, V. Duraisingam, M.-A. Dyal, R. Flin, L. Frühen, J. Grzywacz, D.B. Gulseren, O. Hamlet, A. Irwin, M.T. Jensen, S. Kaiser, E.K. Kelloway, D. Lim, H. Lingard, J.S. Luque, J. MacGregor, B. MacQuarrie, M. Martinussen, K.L. McMahon, A. Mikkelsen, L.S. Newman, V. O'Keeffe, E. Olsen, L. Olszowy, L.S. Park, K. Pidd, S. Pignata, T. Pooley, T.M. Probst, A.M. Richardsen, A. Roche, M.D. Saxton, N. Schwatka, K. Scott, T.D. Smith, P.M. Stinson, Sr., L. Tenney, T. Thibault, N. Wathen, L.-Q. Yang.

Edited by the late Ronald J. Burke, formerly Emeritus Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada and Astrid M. Richardsen, Professor Emerita, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway.
Increasing Occupational Health and Safety in Workplaces
Cdn: $240.00; US: $175.00
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