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Research Handbook on the European Union and International Organizations
by Ramses A. Wessel and Jed Odermatt, editors

Series:Research Handbooks in International Law series
ISBN 9781786438928
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $479.50; US: $350.00
Language: English
720 pages
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The European Union has established relationships with other international organizations and institutions, mainly as a result of its increasingly active role as a global actor and the transfer of competences from the Member States to the EU. Containing chapters by leading scholars, this Research Handbook presents a comprehensive and critical assessment of these relationships, examining both the EU's representation and cooperation as well as the influence of these external bodies on the development of EU law and policy.

Insightful and analytical, the Research Handbook explores the interaction of the EU with both formal and informal international institutions as it seeks to become more visible and active within these. The many challenges associated with the limits set by the EU and by international law and politics in relation to EU participation and the 'state-centred' international legal system are assessed.

This unique Research Handbook will be a key resource for scholars and students of international and European law and political science, providing a unique overview of the less well-known international organizations in addition to the large institutions. The examination of the development of law and policy will also be of interest to the practitioners of these organizations and those at national ministries.

'This Research Handbook offers an in-depth survey about the European Union's status and activity in over 20 international organisations and bodies. It covers all relevant actors in the UN family, assembles the most important economic bodies, and contains insights about lesser researched entities in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, criminal justice or security. Highly interesting introductory chapters and conclusions are flanking the case studies. An excellent compilation written by leading academics and experienced practitioners!'
– Frank Hoffmeister, European Commission, Belgium

'This Research Handbook, with its impressive range of contributors, is a very welcome addition to the literature for scholars and students of the EU as a regional and global actor. It is the most comprehensive work that I have seen on the subject: alongside chapters addressing horizontal themes it covers the EU's relations with a wide array of international organisations, from UN agencies to the WTO and WIPO, from NATO to regional organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Apart from the intrinsic interest of the mass of detailed information about how the EU engages with specific organisations, bringing this material together brings into sharper focus the questions that EU engagement with international organisations raises for both international and EU law.'
– Marise Cremona, European University Institute, Italy

'This remarkable book provides for the first time a comprehensive account of the European Union's broad ranging interactions with and contributions to the work of other international organisations. It will be of great benefit and necessary reading not only for international civil servants and government officials, but also for those scholars and practitioners interested in international organisations and their increasing exercise of sovereign powers.'
– Professor Dan Sarooshi QC, Essex Court Chambers and University of Oxford, UK

'This innovative collection of essays offers a uniquely comprehensive exploration of the way in which the EU engages with other international organizations and bodies. While both EU law and international law perspectives are examined, this book goes beyond mere legal analysis to address political and practical issues the EU encounters on the internal and the external fronts. It forms a major contribution to the literature on the relationship between the EU legal order and public international law and on the EU's role in international relations more generally.'
– Geert De Baere, General Court of the EU and KU Leuven, Belgium

'As the European Union assumes an ever more prominent role as a global actor, there is a growing need to understand the ways and means of the EU's engagement with other international institutions. This volume, with contributions from renowned experts and scholars, is the first comprehensive study to address the various relationships in that category. It is the essential companion for practitioners and scholars in the fields of European law and international organization.'
– Catherine Brölmann, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

'This is a commendable and timely Research Handbook, published in an era in which forces of nationalism and populism question the benefits of globalization and existing mechanisms of global governance. In this rich collection of studies, Wessel and Odermatt bring together some 50 experts from academia and practice, to analyze the multifarious interrelationships between the EU and other international institutions (from the UN to the G20, from the WTO to Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, from NATO to the Council of Europe).'
– Niels Blokker, Leiden University, the Netherlands

Contributors: F. Amtenbrink, A. Andrione-Moylan, J. Beqiraj, S. Blockmans, F. Bontekoe, G. Butler, M. Cantero Gamito, E. Castellarin, A.-L. Chané, C. Cinelli, S. Coban, L. de Almeida, R. Delarue, S. Donnelly, T. Emmerling, E. Fahey, J.-P. Gauci, P. Heckler, J. Jacobsson, K.E. Jørgensen, R. Kamphof, A. Khalfaoui, M. Killander, J. Klabbers, K. Laatikainen, E. Lannon, R. Lawson, L. Lourenço, C. Matera, H.-W. Micklitz, J. Odermatt, E. Paasivirta, E. Pichot, T. Perišin, T. Ramopoulos, R. Repasi, J. Selleslaghs, A. Södersten, H. Suzen, B. van der Meulen, P. Van Elsuwege, M. Vaugeois, F. Vlastou-Dimopoulou, M. Wallot, B. Wernaart, R.A. Wessel, J. Wouters, C.-H. Wu, F. Yilmaz.

Edited by Ramses A. Wessel, University of Twente, the Netherlands and Jed Odermatt, City, University of London, UK.
Research Handbook on the European Union and International Organizations
Cdn: $479.50; US: $350.00
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