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Energy Innovation for the Twenty-First Century
Accelerating the Energy Revolution

by Jim Skea, Renée van Diemen, Matthew Hannon, Evangelos Gazis, and Aidan Rhodes
ISBN 9781788112604
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $233.00; US: $170.00
Language: English
464 pages
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This book addresses the question: how effective are countries in promoting the innovation needed to facilitate an energy transition? Chapters explore energy policy and institutions, innovation policy in general, as well as energy innovation in key countries, including the US, Germany, the UK, China, Japan and Korea, and the EU.

At the heart of Energy Innovation for the Twenty-First Century is a fascinating set of international empirical case studies covering supply and demand side technologies at different levels of maturity. These are set within an analytical framework encompassing the functions of technological innovation systems and innovation metrics. The book explores energy, science and technology policies, contextualising the case studies to aid the assessment of the overall performance of innovation systems.

Drawing together lessons for energy innovation policy and institutional design, this book is a much-needed resource for sustainability and innovation scholars and researchers. Policymakers and practitioners will also benefit from the practical advice offered in this timely work.

'Energy Innovation for the Twenty-First Century combines evidence from deep-dive case studies with rigorous analysis of institutions, policies and finance to show how many different factors must align to accelerate energy innovation. Many of the concluding insights are must reads for policymakers, not least that coordination, long-term strategies, and institutional stability are necessary bedfellows if we are serious about tackling climate change.'
– Charlie Wilson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK

Jim Skea, Renée van Diemen, Imperial College London, Matthew Hannon, University of Strathclyde, Evangelos Gazis, visiting researcher and Aidan Rhodes, Imperial College London, UK.
Energy Innovation for the Twenty-First Century
Cdn: $233.00; US: $170.00
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