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Globalizing Welfare
An Evolving Asian-European Dialogue

by Stein Kuhnle, Per Selle, and Sven E.O. Hort, editors

Series:Globalization and Welfare series
ISBN 9781788975834
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $219.50; US: $160.00
Language: English
368 pages
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From the welfare state's origins in Europe, the idea of human welfare being organized through a civilized, institutionalized and uncorrupt state has caught the imagination of social activists and policy-makers around the world. This is particularly influential where rapid social development is taking place amidst growing social and gender inequality. This book reflects on the growing academic and political interest in global social policy and 'globalizing welfare', and pays particular attention to developments in Northern European and North-East Asian countries.

Providing historical and future-oriented perspectives on welfare issues and policies, Globalizing Welfare assesses the relevance of the Northern European welfare experience for East Asia, and addresses the differing ways that countries in the two regions are responding to similar challenges of increasing inequality, demographic change, and shifting relations between the state, market and non-profit organizations. With topical analysis of policy responses to these shared issues across contexts, the book assesses how these globalized, cross-cutting issues will impact future developments in welfare states.

This book is a valuable resource for scholars and students alike of sociology, political science, economics, social policy and public administration, providing up-to-date knowledge of welfare state developments. It will also be of interest to policy-makers concerned with social welfare globally.

Contributors: J.G. Andersen, H.K. Anheier, R.K.H Chan, L. Chen, R. Ervik, S. Hort, M. Kamikubo, P. Kettunen, N. Kildal, S. Kuhnle, H.-j. Kwon, M. Laperrière, S. Leibfried, T.S. Lindén, Å. Lundqvist, K. Martens, C. Offe, A.S. Orloff, Y. Otsuka, Y. Pan, K. Petersen, Y. Ren, M. Sakurai, U. Schimank, P. Selle, K. Strømsnes, Z. Wang, N. Zakharov.

Edited by Stein Kuhnle, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Politics, Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, Per Selle, Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen and Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Tromsø, Norway and Sven E.O. Hort, Professor Emeritus in Sociology, Schools of Social Studies, Linnaeus University, Sweden.
Globalizing Welfare
Cdn: $219.50; US: $160.00
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