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Alternative Marketing Approaches for Entrepreneurs
by Björn Bjerke
ISBN 9781789909296
Publication year: 2020

Cdn: $66.00; US: $47.95
Language: English
320 pages
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Consumers have, to a large extent, become their own producers; they are more aware of marketing and are active in adding value to the products and experiences they want. By assessing customers as active agents rather than passive consumers, Björn Bjerke explores alternative ways of marketing for new businesses and social entrepreneurial ventures.

This book first presents the dominant approach to marketing theory used for the last half a century. After that, it presents an alternative approach to marketing theory by emphasizing how new infrastructures and organizations, including online platforms, influence new ways of linking the formal and informal economies together. Building on fundamental theories of science and methodological issues, Bjerke creates useful theoretical conceptions that can develop a greater connection between practice and research. He argues that as entrepreneurial activity is more accessible than ever it needs a fresh approach to include customers as co-creators and co-extractors of market value.

An excellent book for exploring alternative marketing, students and researchers in marketing, social entrepreneurship and wider business and management studies will gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a marketer, customer and user.

'This book offers a new way of thinking about the ontology and function of marketing in various entrepreneurial contexts. Björn Bjerke's notable prior scholarship in social entrepreneurship underpins a foundation of knowledge and experience that gives us a more expansive and different way of seeing entrepreneurial situations, so that, for example, we can grasp public places as a form of a market, and, view entrepreneurs as more engaged in "realizing" value rather than what we traditionally think of as "marketing" goods or services to others. As the field of entrepreneurship focuses more on the process of value creation, this book offers various theoretical perspectives, methods, and insights into ways that value is co-created. This book is a very timely and important contribution that integrates cutting edge ideas in marketing and entrepreneurship so as to see both disciplines in new ways.'
– William B. Gartner, Babson College, US

The late Björn Bjerke, formerly Linnaeus University, Sweden.
Alternative Marketing Approaches for Entrepreneurs
Cdn: $66.00; US: $47.95
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