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The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance
by Andrew Geddes, Marcia Vera Espinoza, Leila Hadj Abdou and Leiza Brumat, editors
ISBN 9781788119931
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $185.00; US: $135.00
Language: English
256 pages
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The growing salience of migration in today's political and economic climate has drawn attention to the relevance of regional responses to global human mobility. This unique book explores the dynamics of migration governance beyond the traditional perspective of the state and examines why, how and with what effects states cooperate at a regional level on aspects of international migration and mobility. Developing an innovative approach centred on the organisation of migration governance, The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance provides a comparative analysis of developments in regional and sub-regional migration governance on a truly global scale.

From Africa, Asia-Pacific and Central Asia, to Europe, the Middle East and North and South America, leading scholars offer a fresh understanding of the trajectories and particularities of regional migration governance. These engaging chapters show how human mobility and its governance can create tensions between states that hinder or prevent cooperation. Providing a much-needed shift from a focus on governance outputs to governance processes, this compelling book highlights how regional practices, processes and structures of migration governance can play an active role in producing understandings of international migration as a social and political issue.

Deploying geographical scope, conceptual insight and empirical depth, this comprehensive book is ideal for advanced students, as well as scholars investigating regionalism, migration and mobility. An acutely relevant work, it will also appeal to professional practitioners and policymakers working in international migration.

'This collection includes contributions from some of the most important scholars working in the area of migration studies. The focus is especially timely, given the crises within the European and American systems but equally this book does not shy away from exposing the varying degrees of power and influence within regions and where institutions still fall far short of their mission to govern migration flows. This ambitious collection offers an original mix of countries and institutions rarely found in one volume. It is fresh, analytically rich, and above all a most useful reference point for students and scholars alike.'
– Brad Blitz, Middlesex University, UK

'This volume offers the first systematic attempt to analyse the role of regional groupings in the area of migration, offering a compelling framework for comparative analysis of the structures and processes of governing migration. It makes a vital step in scoping and framing a new research agenda on regional migration governance.'
– Christina Boswell, University of Edinburgh, UK

'The regional features of migration patterns and processes have long been important for scholars and policymakers in understanding migration trends, impacts and trajectories, as well as migration possibilities. Critical analysis of regional migration governance has been more muted. Coming right on the eve of the implementation phase of the Global Compact for Migration, this book guides us through variations and particularities in regional migration governance globally. It will certainly become a go-to resource for researchers, policymakers and practitioners alike.'
– Marie McAuliffe, Australian National University and the International Organization for Migration, Switzerland

'This is a unique and forward-looking book that looks at regional migration governance from a dynamic and multi-level perspective beyond formal regional institutions, focusing also on non-state actors. This collection is also unique in that it covers a number of world regions including Asia and Latin America and not just the usual suspects of EU and North America. I strongly recommend this work to students and scholars and, why not, practitioners working in the area of governance, migration, and international relations.'
– Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute, Italy

Contributors: D. Acosta, L. Brumat, E. Dick, C. Doña-Reveco, M. Feddersen, V. Finn, O. Korneev, S. Lavenex, A. Leonov, L. Lixi, N. Piper, S. Rother, B. Schraven, G. Tsourapas, M. Vera Espinoza.

Edited by Andrew Geddes, European University Institute, Marcia Vera Espinoza, Queen Mary University of London, UK, Leila Hadj Abdou and Leiza Brumat, European University Institute, Italy.
The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance
Cdn: $185.00; US: $135.00
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