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International Law
by Carlo Focarelli
ISBN 9781788111959
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $110.00; US: $79.95
Language: English
800 pages
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International Law provides a comprehensive theoretical examination of the key areas of international law. In addition to classic cases and materials, Carlo Focarelli addresses the latest relevant international practice to illustrate contemporary themes and trends in international law and to examine its most topical challenges.

The key features of this textbook include:
  • A unitary – 'systemic' and 'realist-constructivist' – theoretical illustration of international law, essential to an understanding of how international law works in practice and how it can, or should, be changed
  • A clear logical structure and thorough cross-referencing for accessible, systemic and consistent learning
  • Up-to-date bibliographies at the end of each chapter and academic commentary on the very latest cases, covering all aspects of international law.
Insightful and topical, this textbook will be an invaluable teaching resource for students of law, political science, and international relations.

'Offering a cohesive vision of international law through a systemic, realist-constructivist approach, Carlo Focarelli's International Law makes an important contribution to the list of international law treatises.'
– Charlotte Ku, Texas A&M University, School of Law, US

'Italian doctrine has given invaluable contributions to international law discussion. At present this is often lost due to the language barrier. Carlo Focarelli´s textbook continues the tradition of the old Italian masters, develops it further, and opens this wealth of insight and knowledge to an international audience. A textbook of enormous intellectual strength and elegance!'
– Peter Hilpold, University of Innsbruck, Austria

'This is an impressive summa legis exposed from the vantage point of a very high peak overarching the mountainous, rocky and sometimes more remotely flat landscapes of international law. All main questions of this peculiar legal order, from the sources to the subjects, from economy to use of force and to settlement of disputes, are reviewed by one of the most gifted and powerful international lawyers of his generation and country. The reader will appreciate the fine-tuned, sensitive and original treatment of these subject matters, wielded in a personal tune placed aloof from simple mainstream repetitions.'
– Robert Kolb, University of Geneva, Switzerland

'Carlo Focarelli's textbook aims to achieve theoretical cohesiveness about international law as a system and yet at the same time emphasises the importance of state practice, not just the practice of courts but also diplomatic practice more widely. What is particularly welcome is the book's aim to familiarise readers outside Italy with international legal thinking and state practice from an important European country that for centuries has been a significant contributor to the discourse of international law. This unique approach reflects well the contemporary trend for studying international law from comparative perspectives and will make the book a valuable read for students interested in international law.'
– Lauri Mälksoo, University of Tartu, Estonia

Carlo Focarelli, Roma Tre University, Italy.
International Law
Cdn: $110.00; US: $79.95
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