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A Guide to Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in Europe
by Thomas Kadner Graziano, Juris Bojārs, and Veronika Sajadova, editors
ISBN 9781788975643
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $514.00; US: $375.00
Language: English
1,266 pages
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Since the adoption of the EU Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings in 2000 and its recast in 2015, it has become clear that lawyers engaged in consumer insolvency proceedings are increasingly expected to have a basic understanding of foreign insolvency proceedings, as well as knowledge of the foreign country's court and legal system, legislation and judicial practice. Written by 50 highly qualified insolvency experts from 30 European countries, A Guide to Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in Europe provides the necessary information in the largest, most up-to-date and comprehensive book on this topic.

Assisting the readers in their navigation through the differences, similarities, and peculiarities of insolvency proceedings in all Member States of the European Union, Switzerland and Russia, this book is a unique guide to insolvency proceedings across Europe. With contributions by both academics and practitioners, it provides truly multinational coverage of the economic, legal, social, political, and demographic issues in consumer insolvency. Illustrating the numerous practices across Europe, this book allows the reader to evaluate each aspect both on its own merits, as well as in comparison to the approaches applied in other European jurisdictions.

This book will be an invaluable tool for insolvency practitioners, judges, lawyers, creditors and debtors throughout Europe, especially those participating in cross-border proceedings.

Contributors: E. Andreeva, F.J. Arias, R. Bódis, J. Bojārs, C. Booth, D. Cerini, A. Demetriadi, M. Dordević, K. Farry, O. Fromholdt, E. Fronczak, J. Garašić, D. Grant, R. Harrison, E. Hellström, F. Helsen, J.-O. Heuer, V. Hoffeld, B. Holohan, P. Jaatinen, G. Jánoshalmi, N. Jungmann, T. Kadner Graziano, S. Kantara, P. Keinert, B. Lurger, T. Madern, M. Melcher, L. Montrasio, J. Morais Carvalho, R. Norkus, A. Ørgaard, D. Oršula, G. Piazza, J.P. Pinto-Ferreira, K. Pisani Bencini, M. Porzycki, A. Rachwał, A.-K. Remes, M.J. Reymond, P. Rubellin, V. Sajadova, P. Sprinz, M.E. Storme, T. Tofaridou, H. Vallender, F.J.A. Varona, I. Venieris, P. Viirsalu, O. Zaitsev, A. Zetkó, L.G. Zidaru.

Edited by Thomas Kadner Graziano, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Juris Bojārs, Professor of Law, University of Latvia, Latvia and Veronika Sajadova, Latvia.
A Guide to Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in Europe
Cdn: $514.00; US: $375.00
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