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Foreign Relations Law (Two volume set)
by Curtis A. Bradley, editor

Series:International Law series
ISBN 9781788115278
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $1,219.50; US: $890.00
Language: English
1,672 pages
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This two-volume collection contains the leading modern literature on foreign relations law, providing a rich foundation and resource for researchers in this field. The topics addressed include the history of foreign relations law, the role of the courts in adjudicating foreign affairs disputes, executive power over foreign affairs, the domestic status of treaties, the phenomenon of executive agreements, the judicial application of customary international law, and the distribution of authority over war powers. By consolidating these articles and presenting them thematically, the collection allows for a unique birds-eye view of the entire field. Tied together with an introductory chapter by Professor Curtis Bradley, this collection promises to be an invaluable research tool for academics as well as a fascinating read for those interested in the subject.

'Curt Bradley has collected some of the most influential scholarship, representing diverse perspectives, on US foreign relations law. The compilation should both remind experts of old classics and give newcomers a thoughtfully curated introduction to the doctrines, theories, and debates that define this area of US law. It is a very welcome addition to the scene, by one of the field's leading lights.'
– Monica Hakimi, University of Michigan Law School, US

Contributors include: J. Goldsmith, D. Golove, O. Hathaway, D. Hollis, H. Koh, M. Ramsey, C. Vazques, G.E. White, J. Yon.

Edited by Curtis A. Bradley, Professor of Law, Duke University, School of Law, US.
Foreign Relations Law (Two volume set)
Cdn: $1,219.50; US: $890.00
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