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Handbook on the International Political Economy of China
by Ka Zeng, editor

Series:Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy series
ISBN 9781786435057
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $370.00; US: $270.00
Language: English
480 pages
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Examining the processes, evolution and consequences of China's rapid integration into the global economy, this Handbook highlights how China's role is ever increasing in prominence. The systematic structure offers an overview of the scope of China's global economic activities, with leading international scholars evaluating key theoretical debates and providing comprehensive coverage on all areas of international political economy.

Chapters explore the behaviour, interests and motivations underlying China's international economic initiatives. The influence of both domestic and international politics is also discussed in terms of the country's global economic footprint. Through analyses of international economic engagements in areas such as trade, investment, finance, sustainable development and global economic governance, chapters give their assessment on the IPE of China and reveal how China's role on the political and economic stage is evolving.

A much-needed reference for students and scholars of Chinese foreign policy, IPE and Asian studies, this Handbook enriches our understanding of the domestic and international contexts of China's global economic trajectory.

Contributors: P. Andrews-Speed, M. Beeson, A. Berger, J.-M.F. Blanchard, P. Bowles, D. Di, A.D. Dixon, A. Fuchs, M.D. Harpaz, A. He, Y. Jiang, Y.-w.V. Li, W. Liang, B.K. MacLean, A. Malkin, D. McDowell, S. Meunier, B. Momani, B. Naughton, M. Pearson, X. Ren, M. Rudyak, B. Sheng, Y. Tu, M. Wan, J. Wang, X. Wang, S. Xu, P.K. Yu, K. Zeng, H. Zhang, Y. Zheng.

Edited by Ka Zeng, University of Arkansas, US.
Handbook on the International Political Economy of China
Cdn: $370.00; US: $270.00
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