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A Research Agenda for Tourism Geographies
by Dieter K. Müller, editor

Series:Elgar Research Agendas
ISBN 9781786439307
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
Language: English
192 pages
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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

Over recent years, tourism geographies have developed into a vibrant field of research, facing increasing challenges from globalisation and environmental change. This Research Agenda presents a unique and original collection of contributions from both established and up-and-coming scholars in the field.

Encompassing both contemporary issues, and paving the way for future avenues of research, this book explores and develops research on tourism geographies. Chapters address emerging themes and apply new methodologies, allowing for intellectual and practical challenges to be tackled. With fresh global insights, this book expands on the geographic dimension of tourism work and workers, the challenges brought by changing economic atmospheres, spatial dynamics, big data and climate change to provide a thorough understanding of the field.

Ideal for graduate and post-graduate students of geography and tourism studies looking to develop thesis ideas, this Research Agenda highlights the interest and potential of tourism geographers to contribute to a geographical tradition and influence the future content of geography as a discipline.

'A Research Agenda for Tourism Geographies brings together a global group of tourism geography scholars presenting insightful thoughts on many of the cutting-edge issues that our subfield of study is attempting to address today. Together they provide a foundation for moving tourism geography into the future.'
– Alan A. Lew, Northern Arizona University, US

'Müller's accessible and timely volume takes a bold step closer to keeping pace with the constantly evolving sub-discipline of tourism geographies, unafraid to challenge earlier foundations and keen to prioritise academic diversity and real-world contexts. The contributors' flair, perspective and passion comes across throughout what is arguably the ideal backdrop for shaping future research agendas in the field.'
– Julie Wilson, Open University of Catalonia, Spain

'Dieter Müller has successfully coordinated an international assembly of contributors who offer insightful new perspectives on tourism geography's evolution and future research agendas. The volume provides an excellent resource for tourism geographers to consider the position of their research with respect to the discipline of geography and the interdisciplinary arena of tourism studies.'
– Alison Gill, Simon Fraser University, Canada

'In a world characterised by rapid and radical change, this book sets out an ambitious future for a subject that will have increasing international importance in the years to come.'
– Tim Coles, University of Exeter, UK

Contributors: M. Bauder, P. Brouder, R. de Cássia Ariza da Cruz, K. Debbage, M.G. Gren, M. Hall, H.V. Haraldsson, X. Honggang, E.H. Huijbens, Z. Ibrahim, D. Ioannides, D.K. Müller, R. Ólafsdóttir, J. Saarinen, R. Steiger, R. Tremblay, G. Visser, Y. Wu, K. Zampoukos.

Edited by Dieter K. Müller, Department of Geography, Umeå University, Sweden.
A Research Agenda for Tourism Geographies
Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
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