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Copyright in the Information Society
A Guide to National Implementation of the European Directive, Second Edition

by Brigitte Lindner and Ted Shapiro, editors

Series:Elgar Intellectual Property Law and Practice series
ISBN 9781786439192
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $548.00; US: $399.95
Language: English
1,128 pages
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This substantially revised second edition evaluates the Directive on Copyright in the Information Society and its interpretation by the European Court of Justice in the light of its implementation and application in the EU's 28 member states. Following the initial implementation of the Directive, many member states have enacted further legislation to supplement or refine their earlier implementation: this edition will take these important developments into account. Providing a snapshot of the status quo of copyright protection in the member states, this book is an indispensable tool for the national implementation of the newly adopted Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

Key features of the updated second edition include:
  • Chapters authored by experts from all 28 member states, providing detailed analysis on how the Directive has been implemented and applied on a national level
  • Contextual chapters on the relevant WIPO treaties and the Directive that highlight areas of discretion left to national legislators
  • Updated review of the European Court's case law that serves to interpret the Directive
  • Expanded Foreword by Dr Jörg Reinbothe, the architect of the Directive.
Combining practical information on implementation of the Directive with the latest academic research this book will be of great value to policy makers, practising lawyers and researchers alike. The book will be of particular interest for the further development of copyright in the Digital Single Market since it captures the status quo of copyright protection in the member states at a decisive moment in the legislative debate.

'This book is undoubtedly an essential tool for students, in-house counsel, advisers, litigators and IP scholars alike, offering an extensive basis of content presented with an holistic approach and an exhaustive list of relevant case law (of European and Member States Court) essential for practice, study and research.'
– Cecilia Sbrolli, IPKat

'The second edition of this important and thorough book has grown by more than 25 percent to include updates of the relevant international and EU norms and developments, and in particular the interpretation by the Court of Justice of the EU, as well as national law reports by 28 authors from the respective member states. Containing in-depth and critical analyses, excellently written, this book offers a refreshing and rewarding experience!'
– Silke von Lewinski, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Germany

Contributors: P. Adamsson, P. Akester, T. Aplin, S.L. Azzopardi, J. Bordans, A. Demetriades, W.Z. Dziomdziora, S. Ercolani, N. Epaminonda, M. Ficsor, P.M. Grimaud, K. Harenko, E. Ivanauskiene, J. Jošt, G. Kadlecová, P. Kamina, V. Křížová, M.G. León, B. Lindner, K. Manhaeve, B. Michaux, V. Näslund, S. Olsovsky, F. Philapitsch, A. Quaedvlieg, L. Scales, M. Schaefer, T. Schiltz, P. Schønning, T. Shapiro, V. Sokolov, M. Trampuz, E. Vagena, M. Valoušek, I. Veiksa, M. Voican, R.M. Vučković.

Edited by Brigitte Lindner, Rechtsanwältin, Member of the Bar of Berlin, Germany, Registered European Lawyer, Lincoln's Inn, London, UK and Ted Shapiro, Member of the Massachusetts and Brussels Bar, Solicitor, England and Wales, Wiggin LLP, Brussels, Belgium.
Copyright in the Information Society
Cdn: $548.00; US: $399.95
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