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Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Policy
by E.C.H. Keskitalo and B.L. Preston, editors
ISBN 9781786432513
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $329.00; US: $240.00
Language: English
520 pages
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This topical and engaging Research Handbook illustrates the variety of research approaches in the field of climate change adaptation policy in order to provide a guide to its social and institutional complexity.

A range of international expert contributors offer interdisciplinary explorations of climate change adaptation policy from policy sciences, legal, and practitioner perspectives. Using examples from a variety of sectors including water, health and land use, and multiple levels of governance and country contexts, from international to local, and developing to developed countries, the chapters examine a wealth of theoretical orientations towards climate change adaptation policy and their underpinnings. In doing so, this Research Handbook provides an understanding of the complexity of the institutions, decision-makers and assumptions that are involved in adaptation research as well as adaptation policy development and implementation.

This Research Handbook will be an indispensable resource for both researchers and practitioners in climate change adaptation with an interest in the research methods and policies that support and advance it. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of environmental studies, public policy and politics will also find this book provides a valuable foundation for building a deeper knowledge of adaptation science and policy.

'This thoughtful, timely and comprehensive perspective on climate change adaptation policy provides insights into adaptation as it transitions from theory and planning towards practical implementation. The book is comprehensive and essential reading for all researchers, practitioners, policy- and decision-makers wanting to understand why adaptation is the way it is – why action is sometimes delayed, ineffective or maladaptive, and what the barriers are to achieving successful outcomes.'
– Jean Palutikof, Griffith University, Australia

Contributors: A. Atteridge, J. Bergh, R. Biesbroek, K.J. Bowen, D. Burton, S.N. Chau, C. Clar, S. Connor, G. Cundill, A. Dertinger, K.L. Ebi, S. Fritzen, K. Grecksch, F. Groundstroem, B. Harvey, M. Howlett, D. Javeline, S. Juhola, A. Jurgilevich, R.J. Keenan, E.C.H. Keskitalo, J. Klein, J. Lawrence, E. Lisa, J. McDonald, I. Mukherjee, M. Mullan, J. Munck, L.O. Naess, J. Nalau, H. Nelson, I. Noble, T. O'Donnell, A. Oels, M. Parsons, Å. Persson, B.L. Preston, M. Purdon, M. Rahman, A. Räsänen, D. Russel, F. Schipper, T.F. Smith, C.A. Sova, R. Steurer, R. Swart, P. Thornton, M. Twena, A. Wellstead, J. Wenta.

Edited by E.C.H. Keskitalo, Professor of Political Science, Department of Geography and Economic History, Umeå University, Sweden and B.L. Preston, RAND Corporation, US.
Research Handbook on Climate Change Adaptation Policy
Cdn: $329.00; US: $240.00
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