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Cities and Regions in Crisis
The Political Economy of Sub-National Economic Development

by Martin Jones
ISBN 9781843768760
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $199.00; US: $145.00
Language: English
320 pages
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Offering a geographical political economy analysis, this book explores the mechanisms, institutions, and spaces of subnational economic development. Martin Jones innovatively examines how policy-makers frame problems and offer intervention solutions in different cities and regions.

Drawing on different approaches to state intervention, neoliberalism, crisis and contradiction theories, and notions of depoliticisation, this book explains policy failure and how it is impacted by flux surrounding economic development. With constant changes to legislation, institutional initiatives, and ministerial responsibility, local and regional economic development is shown to be at a critical crossroads.

Theoretically innovative and empirically focused, this timely book is a must-read for researchers and policy-makers of urban geography, regional development, political economy and public policy.

'This book is a remarkable and often inspirational tour de force. Martin Jones confidently moves between theories of political economy and stories of regional and urban policy, using each to inform the other. He brings the uneven geographies of England to life, showing how they are reproduced in practice, while also offering the prospect of alternative futures.'
– Allan Cochrane, The Open University, UK

'Martin Jones is a critical economic and political geographer. This well-integrated monograph presents his radical, theoretically-informed, spatio-temporally nuanced, evidence-based research on cities and regions. While policy-relevant, it explains the many reasons why urban and regional policy-makers more often fail than succeed in delivering their changing projects. It deserves serious study.'
– Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, UK

'They say that crises are never really solved, only moved around. No one knows this better than Martin Jones, who for two decades has been one of the most astute, creative, and determined chroniclers of the churning "system" of urban and regional governance in England.'
– Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia, Canada

'In Cities and Regions in Crisis, Martin Jones has crafted a rich and grounded geographical political economy. Consolidating and integrating a deep and important body of work, he provides insightful analysis of urban and regional governance in England and extends this to reflect upon more progressive future directions. It offers much to inspire and inform research on the rolling predicament of governing uneven geographical development beyond its empirical focus.'
– Andy Pike, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University, UK

Martin Jones, Professor of Human Geography and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Staffordshire University, UK.
Cities and Regions in Crisis
Cdn: $199.00; US: $145.00
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