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How to Teach Entrepreneurship
by Colin Jones
ISBN 9781788116404
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
Language: English
232 pages
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Just how should we teach entrepreneurship? This important book provides many of the answers to this challenging question.

In developing the first signature pedagogy for entrepreneurship education, Colin Jones unites the contexts of enterprise and education at the intersection of scholarship, transformational learning and student engagement. Good teaching for entrepreneurship is shown to emerge both from the educator and the students' interest. For the educator, a process of scholarly leading is required to support student interest – from the alternate perspective, students require a willingness to welcome uncertainty and challenge the existing boundaries to effectively develop a capacity for self-negotiated action.

A key guide for all entrepreneurship lecturers and tutors, written for all teaching contexts, this book will challenge you to teach 'who you are', as well as what you know.

'Colin challenges the reader to critically reflect on their role as an entrepreneurship and enterprise educator which even the most experienced practitioner will find both provocative and inspiring. Through his meticulous dissection of what it means to operate as an enterprise educator, a new educational philosophy emerges with clearly defined roles for all involved and tools presented to equip the reader in their ongoing development. Colin makes an exciting contribution to this space and does so with great humility and unintimidating prose.'
– Tom Williamson, Coventry University, UK

'How to Teach Entrepreneurship is an outstanding book for entrepreneurship educators and a must read for new colleagues trying to get to grips with their first entrepreneurship classes. The book provides deep insights that help you know yourself as an educator and it enables you to design educational practice that is mindful of the different ways students learn.'
– Luke Pittaway, Ohio University, US

'In Colin's true to form pedagogy and heutagogy style, he introduces a novel approach to contemporary frameworks and practices in transformational enterprise and entrepreneurship education. I just love the "sports" associations, from players to scoring the game. This book provides significant self-reflection towards enhancing our teaching philosophies, from nascent to experienced educators. A must read, not only for us entrepreneurship educators, but all educators in the transformational, innovative and digital space.'
– Alex Maritz, La Trobe Business School, Australia

Colin Jones, School of Management, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
How to Teach Entrepreneurship
Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
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