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Handbook of International Human Resource Development
Context, Processes and People

by Thomas Garavan, Alma McCarthy, and Ronan Carbery, editors
ISBN 9781781954195
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $96.00; US: $69.95
Language: English
512 pages
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This comprehensive Handbook sets out the nature and scope of International Human Resource Development (IHRD) to advance our understanding of research and practice in the field. Drawing on expertise from a global team representing some of the field's most distinguished researchers, the Handbook explores a range of contextual, process and people development practice issues impacting IHRD research and practice.

Focusing on IHRD as a distinct field of research and practice, the authors offer comprehensive coverage of a number of critical contextual dimensions that shape the IHRD goals that organisations pursue; impact the IHRD systems, policies and practices that are implemented; and influence the types of IHRD research questions that are investigated. The Handbook examines the processes or actions taken by organisations to globalise IHRD practices and discusses important people development practices that come within the scope of IHRD.

By bringing together a variety of research strands and engaging in key debates while also acknowledging the emergent, dynamic and constantly evolving nature of the field, the authors of this Handbook have created an invaluable resource for academics, students, professionals and practitioners in IHRD, HRD, HRM, international management, organisational behaviour and leadership.

Contributors: M. Alagaraja, H. Alhejji, V. Anderson, A. Ardichvili, E.E. Bennett, A. Bratton, R. Carbery, N. Clarke, N. D'Annuzio Green, T. Garavan, J. Gedro, K. Grant, C. Gubbins, M. Hammond, J. Kim, S. Kim, Y. Lai, A. McCarthy, A. McDonnell, R.R. McWhorter, H. Moon, C.T. Nolan, D. O'Shea, J. Pearson, V. Pereira, O. Pruetipibultham, W.E.A. Ruona, V. Shanahan, M. Sheehan, C. Valentin, J. Winterton.

Edited by Thomas Garavan, Research Professor of Leadership, Edinburgh Napier University, UK, Alma McCarthy, Professor of Public Sector Management, National University of Ireland Galway and Ronan Carbery, Senior Lecturer in Management, University College Cork, Ireland.
Handbook of International Human Resource Development
Cdn: $96.00; US: $69.95
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