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Handbook of Research on Distribution Channels
by Charles A. Ingene, James R. Brown, and the late Rajiv P. Dant, editors
ISBN 9780857938596
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $452.50; US: $330.00
Language: English
608 pages
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Distribution channels are the most complex element of the marketing mix to fully grasp and to profitably manage. In this Handbook the authors present cutting-edge research on channel management and design from analytical, conceptual, and empirical perspectives.

The ultimate objective of this Handbook is a comprehensive theory of distribution channels for scholars presented in enlightened surveys of the literature to tightly reasoned investigations. Channel management topics include value creation, interorganizational knowledge transfer, contract design, governance and control, and relationship management. Channel design topics encompass coordination, supply-chain management, price vs. quantity competition, channel breadth, franchising, resale price maintenance, and bricks-and-mortar vs. online retailer competition. The book concludes with a sketch of a Comprehensive Theory of Distribution Channels meant to incorporate and extend current thinking.

The breadth of this Handbook makes it appropriate for use in a doctoral course on distribution channels, or as a knowledge-broadening resource for faculty and researchers who wish to understand types of channels research that are outside the scope of their own approach to distribution.

'Finally! We have a book that synthesizes the vast and long literature on marketing channels. As future researchers grapple with questions in the age of online channels of distribution, the contributions in this book, from leading thinkers in our field, will prove invaluable.'
– Anthony Dukes, University of Southern California, US

'This Handbook provides a delightful guide full of important information for academians and practitioners related to distribution channels. It covers a variety of topics, ranging from empirical issues such as how firms locate their offerings in the value chain and monitor their partners' performance to conceptual issues such as channel design, channel coordination, and channel governance. Read this – and learn from one of the best.'
– Qiong Wang, University of Oklahoma, US

Contributors: K.D. Antia, B.L. Baker, P. Bicen, C.P. Blocker, J.R. Brown, G. Cai, N.N. Chau, S.C. Choi, J.L. Crosno, T.H. Cui, Y. Dai, R.P. Dant, R. Desiraju, K. Eshghi, D.J. Flint, K.M. Frias, M. Ghosh, S. Gilbert, G.T. Gundlach, C.M. Harmeling, J.D. Hibbard, M.B. Houston, C.A. Ingene, K. Jerath, G. John, J. Johnson, M. Kacker, G. Lai, Z. Li, R.F. Lusch, P. Mallucci, A.J. Malter, S. Mani, A.L. Matthews, R.W. Palmatier, S.-J. Park, R.E. Paul, J. Raju, S. Ray, F. Sadeh, R.S. Sohi, J.M. Song, R. Staelin, A.S. Vinhas, M. Viswanathan, K.H. Wathne, S.K. Weaven, X. Xu, W. Zhang, Z.J. Zhang, Y. Zhao.

Edited by Charles A. Ingene, University of Oklahoma, James R. Brown, West Virginia University and the late Rajiv P. Dant, formerly University of Oklahoma, US.
Handbook of Research on Distribution Channels
Cdn: $452.50; US: $330.00
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