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Negotiating Early Job Insecurity
Well-being, Scarring and Resilience of European Youth

by Bjørn Hvinden, Jacqueline O’Reilly, Mi Ah Schoyen and Christer Hyggen, editors
ISBN 9781788118781
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $192.00; US: $140.00
Language: English
264 pages
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Offering new knowledge and insights into European job markets, this book explores how young men and women experience job insecurity. Focusing on the ways in which young adults deal with this by actively increasing their chances of getting a job through a variety of methods, it shows how governmental policies can be altered to reduce early job insecurity.

By combining analysis of original data collected through a variety of innovative methods, the book compares the trajectories of early job insecurity in nine European countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. It explores the differing reactions to the 2008 Great Recession and socio-economic and institutional characteristics of each country, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of different national policies. Contributions from experts in the field investigate the long-term consequences of having difficulty finding suitable and stable jobs in young adulthood, including 'scarring' in the form of weaker long-term employment prospects, lower life earnings and reduced well-being.

Incorporating high-level academic research with policy recommendations, this insightful book is essential reading for advanced public policy and European studies scholars, as well as policymakers at national and European levels.

'Comprehensive and well-articulated, this book provides a new and original investigation of early experiences of job insecurity in Europe and its effects on youth well-being and future employability. Given its innovative approach that goes beyond the "usual" economic argument, the book is a must-read text for every scholar, practitioner and policymaker who wants to broaden their understanding of youth and their perceptions of joblessness and precarity.'
– Massimiliano Mascherini, Eurofound, Ireland

Contributors: D.S. Abebe, S. Ayllón, K.K. Bøhler, M. Bussi, D. Buttler, L.A. Helbling, B. Hvinden, C. Hyggen, C. Imdorf, V. Krasteva, C. Lewis, A. McDonnell, J. O'Reilly, D. Parsanoglou, S. Sacchi, M.A. Schoyen, L.P. Shi, R. Stoilova, I. Tolgensbakk, J.S. Vedeler, A. Yfanti.

Edited by Bjørn Hvinden, Professor, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, Jacqueline O'Reilly, Professor of Comparative Human Resource Management, The University of Sussex Business School, UK, Mi Ah Schoyen and Christer Hyggen, Senior Researchers, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.
Negotiating Early Job Insecurity
Cdn: $192.00; US: $140.00
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