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Handbook of Regions and Competitiveness
Contemporary Theories and Perspectives on Economic Development

by Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson, editors
ISBN 9781789900576
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $96.00; US: $69.95
Language: English
592 pages
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The field of regional development is subject to an ever-increasing multiplicity of concepts and theories seeking to explain uneven competitiveness. In particular, economic geographers and spatial economists have rapidly developed the theoretical tools by which to approach such analyses. The aim of this Handbook is to take stock of regional competitiveness and complementary concepts as a means of presenting a state-of-the-art discussion of the advanced theories, perspectives and empirical explanations that help make sense of the determinants of uneven development across regions.

Drawing on an international field of leading scholars, the book is assembled and organized so that readers can first learn of the theoretical underpinnings of regional competitiveness and development theory, before moving on to deeper discussions of key factors and principal elements, the emergence of allied concepts, empirical applications, and the policy context. International in its scope, including global empirical analysis, the book is a definitive resource in terms of providing access to some of the seminal research and thinking on regional competitiveness.

This contemporary Handbook is an ideal reference for students and academics in the fields of economic geography and spatial economics. It will also appeal to policymakers and other stakeholders involved in regional economic development.

'This book helps us better understand the geography of economic competitiveness. With contributions from an international cast of leading scholars, it shows what works and what doesn't and what it means for efforts to improve the competitiveness of regions and nations.'
– Richard Florida, University of Toronto, Canada

Contributors: K. Aiginger, P. Annoni, M.J. Aranguren, D. Audretsch, P.-A. Balland, R. Boschma, R. Camagni, R. Cellini, J. Crespo, P. Di Caro, L. Dijkstra, J. Fagerberg, M. Firgo, U. Fratesi, R. Harris, R. Huggins, J. Jansson, C. Ketels, I. Lengyel, E. Magro, E.J. Malecki, A. Mamtora, R. Martin, P. McCann, H. Menendez, P. Ni, R. Ortega-Argilés, I. Periáñez, A. Richardson, A. Rodríguez-Pose, L. Saez, J. Shen, M. Srholec, M. Storper, P. Sunley, M. Thissen, P. Thompson, G. Torrisi, I. Turok, F. van Oort, Y. Wang, A. Waxell, C. Wilkie, J.R. Wilson.

Edited by Robert Huggins, Professor of Economic Geography and Director, Centre for Economic Geography, School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University and Piers Thompson, Reader in Economics, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK.
Handbook of Regions and Competitiveness
Cdn: $96.00; US: $69.95
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