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New Methods of Market Research and Analysis
by G. Scott Erickson
ISBN 9781789901054
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $66.00; US: $47.95
Language: English
208 pages
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New Methods of Market Research and Analysis prepares readers for the new reality posed by big data and marketing analytics. While connecting to traditional research approaches such as surveys and focus groups, this book shows how new technologies and new analytical capabilities are rapidly changing the way marketers obtain and process their information. In particular, the prevalence of big data systems always monitoring key performance indicators, trends toward more research using observation or observation and communication together, new technologies such as mobile, apps, geo-locators, and others, as well as the deep analytics allowed by cheap data processing and storage are all covered and placed in context.

Scott Erickson goes beyond the buzzwords to provide relevant explanations of the meaning and impact of both big data and analytics, placing them in context with traditional marketing research. His engaging subject matter focuses on the practical aspects of big data concepts, precisely defining and illustrating key concepts and providing illuminating real world examples. This approachable style enables marketers to understand what data scientists are doing with big data systems and analytics, giving them a taste of the capabilities of contemporary statistical software and its practical applications.

This book can be used as a supplement to a traditional marketing research text or on its own. It will serve as a key reference for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in marketing research, marketing analytics, or business intelligence courses as well as marketing professionals looking to stay up to date with current trends and have them explained in a context they understand.

'This is a wonderfully well-written, highly readable, book that covers the rapidly changing and increasingly complex landscape of data-driven marketing in depth. The distance traveled from "Mad Men-esque" focus groups to sophisticated inferential analyses of vast data arrays is very well captured. Erickson's use of real-life, and very current, examples, to frame critical issues and explain key concepts and details is remarkable. The reader often feels as if he/she is virtual member of a marketing analytics workgroup working on problems for firms like Tesco, Bloomberg, Lego, LiveAnalytics, Amazon, and others.'
– Charles R. Christian, former Director of Employee Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

G. Scott Erickson, Professor of Marketing, School of Business, Ithaca College, US.
New Methods of Market Research and Analysis
Cdn: $66.00; US: $47.95
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