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Concepts for International Law
Contributions to Disciplinary Thought

by Jean d’Aspremont and Sahib Singh, editors
ISBN 9781783474677
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $507.00; US: $370.00
Language: English
960 pages
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Concepts allow us to know, understand, think, do and change international law. This book, with sixty chapters by leading scholars, provides a nuanced guide to those concepts of historical significance for international law, as well as those that have become central to how we think about the discipline. In select cases this book also offers some new concepts, seeking to address familiar concerns that have not been fully articulated within the discipline.

This unique book is the first expansive exploration of concepts that have become historically central to the discipline. It allows us to appreciate how order, struggle and change play out in international law and legal thought, and how these concerns of power implicate ethical considerations. Embracing a wide range of historical and theoretical approaches, this book hopes to ignite a renewed, fertile engagement between our concepts and the contemporary, precarious, conditions of international legal life.

Thought-provoking, original and engaging, this book is essential reading for researchers, postgraduates and doctoral students in international law, legal history and legal theory. Academics in international relations, history, sociology and political thought will also find this an essential read.

'This volume offers an indispensable guide to the concepts that have shaped the life of international law in theory and practice. With contributions from a stellar cast of innovative scholars, Concepts for International Law reveals the power of international legal language and the worlds it makes possible.'
– Anne Orford, Melbourne Law School, Australia

'Visiting this collection brings to mind an elegant small Euro-Atlantic art museum from a single period, eclectic but coherent and unified by the imaginative taste of the curators. The entries are fine exemplars rather than comprehensive, the contributors respectably avant-garde and many already very well known or will be, the whole engagingly luminous.'
– Benedict Kingsbury, New York University, School of Law, US

'This volume traverses the concepts that aim to anchor international law. Presented as an "experiment", the work assembles the greatest voices to interrogate the power of international law's core concepts. And it does so with much success. This is a magnificent work.'
– Larissa van den Herik, Leiden University, the Netherlands

'The editors of this book offer it as a response to what they see as a profound contemporary malaise in international law, connected to a faltering faith in the liberal cosmopolitanism, and a deep understanding of international law's implications in many of the world's most horrific inequities and injustices. Through its diverse chapters, they explore the counterintuitive but intriguing proposition that the way out may lie in a new mode of 'conceptualisation', that is to say, a way of being in which the flawed conceptual heritage of international law is understood to require not just powerful critique, but also an attitude of gentle and knowing stewardship.'
– Andrew Lang, University of Edinburgh, UK

'This is an extremely rich and diverse collection of chapters on some important foundational concepts in international law. The chapters reflect the variety of approaches in international law today. I really enjoyed reading the book, as it challenged several of my assumptions about the field.'
– Wouter Werner, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Contributors: P. Allott, A. Anghie, A. Bianchi, L. Bonadiman, F.L. Bordin, C. Brölmann, B. Çalý, P. Capps, H. Charlesworth, J.K. Cogan, H.G. Cohen, R. Collins, J. d'Aspremont, M. Goldmann, G. Gordon, J. Haskell, K.J. Heller, G.I. Hernández, F. Hoffmann, D.B. Hollis, O.U. Ince, V. Jeutner, F. Johns, O. Kessler, J. Klabbers, R. Knox, N. Krisch, V. Kumar, M.M. Mbengue, F. Mégret, T. Meyer, C.A. Miles, S. Moyn, S. Neff, J. Nijman, A. Nollkginal U. Öszu, A. Peters, M. Prost, Y. Radi, N.M. Rajkovic, A. Rasulov, W. Rech, F.D. Reis, C. Ryngaert, P. Schlag, I. Scobbie, M. Shahabuddin, G. Simpson, S. Singh, T. Skouteris, U. Soirila, T. Sparks, C.J. Tams, A.A.C. Trindade, N. Tzouvala, A. van Mulligen, I. Venzke, G. Verdirame, J. von Bernstorff, I. Wuerth.

Edited by Jean d'Aspremont, Professor of International Law, Sciences Po Law School, France and University of Manchester, UK and Sahib Singh, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Concepts for International Law
Cdn: $507.00; US: $370.00
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