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Research Handbook on Feminist Jurisprudence
by Robin West and Cynthia Grant Bowman, editors

Series:Research Handbooks in Legal Theory series
ISBN 9781786439680
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
Language: English
544 pages
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The Research Handbook on Feminist Jurisprudence surveys feminist theoretical understandings of law, including liberal and radical feminism, as well as socialist, relational, intersectional, post-modern, and pro-sex and queer feminist legal theories.

Featuring contributions from a diverse team of prominent scholars, this Research Handbook illuminates the ways in which feminist scholarship has enriched understandings of law's sometimes subordinating structures and the ways in which law can be interpreted or changed so as to promote the equality, liberty, wellbeing, and interests of women. The expert contributors offer a vast range of feminist perspectives on law, including liberal, radical, and post-modern feminism, and explore the implications of these theoretical stances for understandings of the nature of law, legal change, and the relationship between law and politics. Chapters analyse the influence of feminist legal theories on doctrinal areas of law including US constitutional and civil rights law, international law, and various areas of private law.

This insightful book will be of interest to law students, legal scholars, and scholars of political and moral philosophy seeking to understand the entire body of feminist legal scholarship from the early 1970s to the present, as well as its variants, and relationships among different theoretical perspectives.

'This Research Handbook provides a diverse array of critical, descriptive, and normative perspectives on feminist jurisprudence, with rich historical accounts of legal advances and backlashes. Centered primarily on US feminism, the volume also includes interesting chapters with a foreign or international focus. It should prove a highly valuable resource for feminist scholars and advocates in many parts of the world.'
– Vicki C. Jackson, Harvard Law School, US

'This landmark collection, edited by two leading feminist legal scholars, will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in how feminist theory has laid the legal foundations for greater gender equity in the United States and throughout the globe.'
– Deborah L. Rhode, Stanford University, US

Contributors: S.F. Appleton, K.K. Baker, I. Caglar, M. Chamallas, C.-j. Chen, M.A. Fineman, M.A. Franks, C. Grant Bowman, B.A. Gur, N.D. Hunter, L.C. Ikemoto, O. Kamir, H. Keren, S.A. Law, N. Menon, N. Naffine, J.A. Nice, V.F. Nourse, N. Rimalt, D.E. Roberts, L.A. Rosenbury, J.C. Suk, D. Tuerkheimer, R. West, A.K. Wing, K.A. Yuracko.

Edited by Robin West, Frederick Haas Professor of Law and Philosophy, Georgetown University Law School and Cynthia Grant Bowman, Dorothea S. Clarke Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, US.
Research Handbook on Feminist Jurisprudence
Cdn: $397.50; US: $290.00
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