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Politics of Renewable Energy in China
by Chen Gang

Series:New Horizons in Environmental Politics series
ISBN 9781788118149
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $151.00; US: $110.00
Language: English
176 pages
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In this book, Chen Gang examines the real-world effectiveness of China's approach to the promotion of green technologies and practices, and discusses the political landscape in which it is situated.

Politics of Renewable Energy in China questions the wisdom of hailing China as a model for authoritarian environmental governance with an up-to -date examination of the subject. It provides readers with a thorough and timely account of recent developments in China's low-carbon energy industries. Disclosing how energy interest groups are lobbying members of central government, and shedding light on disputes between pro-development and pro-environmental groups, this book explores the ideological and bureaucratic inconsistency and confusion which surrounds China's environmental policies. Emphasizing China's renewable energy policies, related enforcement issues and local political concerns over wind and solar generation, this book examines the extent to which China's centralised, top down approach has been effective in ensuring local actors reach policy targets.

This up-to-date account of recent developments in Chinese low-carbon industries will be useful for readers with an interest in China's model of renewable energy industries, in particular students of Chinese and international politics. It will also be a valuable tool for researchers and professors of public and environmental policy, Chinese and climate studies.

Chen Gang, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore.
Politics of Renewable Energy in China
Cdn: $151.00; US: $110.00
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