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Developing Bus Rapid Transit
The Value of BRT in Urban Spaces

by Fiona Ferbrache, editor

Series:Transport, Mobilities and Spatial Change
ISBN 9781788110907
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $199.00; US: $145.00
Language: English
288 pages
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For cities investing in public transit infrastructure, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) continues to grow as a popular mode of choice. BRT implementation, planning, operation, performance and impacts, from a wide range of developed and developing cities across the globe are examined in depth in this exemplary book, with contributions by academics and practical experts on BRT.

Each chapter is self-contained, presenting empirical research and grounded examples of BRT in specific urban spaces. Providing rich insight, the chapters also suggest lessons for cities elsewhere. As a whole, the book frames the chapters with the question of how BRT is valued, providing a timely lens to the broader conceptual question of how transport infrastructure can and ought to be valued in the twenty-first century.

Urban and transport studies scholars will find this an invaluable read, as it compares BRT to similar forms of public transport in cities, exploring the pros and cons of the system. The rich set of empirical examples and research suggestions in this book will aid advanced students in determining dissertation and research topics.

'This is a useful book that uses case studies from around the world to determine the value of BRT in a range of geographic contexts. The examples cover a variety of scales of systems from BRT lite, running largely in mixed traffic, to fully segregated schemes operating at high speeds and using sophisticated information systems. If you want to understand the potential of BRT as an effective urban mode of travel, this is an excellent place to start.'
– Roger Mackett, University College London, UK

'BRT offers sustainable mobility options to wealthy and poor communities alike, however, despite several decades of practice BRT research is limited. Ferbrache has compiled an impressive set of authors covering a wide range of places across the globe that illustrate how BRT is embedded and valued in the built environment. This book is a contribution to students, scholars and practitioners interested in better understanding the experience of BRT and the promise it holds for the future.'
– John Renne, Florida Atlantic University, US, and University of Oxford, UK

'This book is an invaluable addition to the expanding body of knowledge on BRT, particularly on its impacts on urban spaces. It combines a series of case studies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, South Korea, China, India, Colombia and South Africa, with global overviews, authored by 29 multidisciplinary researchers. The book reveals the diversity of applications of a concept that is still in evolution, with multiple positive and negative impacts that need to be understood. The array of contributions indicates that this understanding is maturing, but there are still areas that need further research, like the BRT wider economic and urban impacts. The book is a worthwhile reference for urban planners and researchers.'
– Dario Hidalgo, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and the BRT+ Centre of Excellence, US

Contributors: B. Adhvaryu, C. Balbontin, G. Beaudet, D. Bray, C. Cadena-Gaitán, W. Camargo, T.-T. Deng, R. Ellison, F. Ferbrache, D.A. Hensher, O. Hjelm, C.Q. Ho, M.-J. Jun, P. Lewis, R. Macário, S. Mejía-Dugand, C. Mulley, J.D. Nelson, D. Scrafton, S. Sinha, A. Stewart, H.M.S. Swamy, C.E. Vergel-Tovar, I. Wallis, G. Weisbrod, G. Whelan, P. White, D. Wignall, A. Wood.

Edited by Fiona Ferbrache, Senior College Lecturer in Human Geography, Keble College, University of Oxford, UK.
Developing Bus Rapid Transit
Cdn: $199.00; US: $145.00
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