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Food Loss and Food Waste
Causes and Solutions

by Michael Blakeney
ISBN 9781788975384
Publication year: 2019

Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
Language: English
224 pages
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Global food insecurity is a growing issue. At a time when the world's population is increasing and agricultural production is challenged by climate change, it is estimated that around a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. This book examines the problem of food loss and waste (FLW) and the policies that could be enacted to remedy this fundamental global concern.

Michael Blakeney provides a well-rounded view of FLW from production to plate. He begins by examining the problems associated with defining and measuring food waste, arguing that more reliable data on FLW is key to the creation of effective FLW reduction policies. He goes on to address the drivers of FLW, the environmental impacts of FLW and the moral and ethical considerations that are linked to the issue. Food Loss and Waste concludes with a critical assessment of FLW reduction strategies across the food supply chain.

Providing the first comprehensive assessment of FLW and its remedies, this book will be of great interest to scholars working in the fields of food security, agricultural law and policy and rural economics. Policy makers involved in food policy and security will also find this a valuable resource as it identifies and analyses FLW policies on an international scale.

'Food waste is a problem of staggering global size. In this tour de force Michael Blakeney unravels the networked complexity of the problem and advances creative regulatory solutions for helping to reduce the scale of the problem.'
– Peter Drahos, European University Institute, Italy

'The subject of food waste is increasingly compelling the attention of policy makers and stakeholders along the food supply chain. In the absence of a developed literature on the subject, Professor Blakeney's book provides a comprehensive review of the drivers of food waste and remedies for its minimization. It also provides valuable insights into the formulation of food waste policy.'
– Kadambot Siddique, University of Western Australia

Michael Blakeney, Winthrop Professor, The University of Western Australia and Letizia Gianformaggio Chair in Law, University of Ferrara, Italy.
Food Loss and Food Waste
Cdn: $164.50; US: $120.00
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